Governor Predicts “Death Lottery” For Unvaccinated

Recently, Jim Justice, the Governor of West Virginia, opted for fear mongering tactics when attempting to persuade West Virginians to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. According to Justice, individuals who do not choose to receive the vaccine are apparently choosing to enter a “death lottery.”

Currently, the percentage of West Virginians who are vaccinated against COVID is approximately 46.4 percent.

Governor Justice has now claimed that individuals who are not unvaccinated are “when it really boils right down to it … in a lottery to themselves,” suggesting that they were posing a grave risk to their own health. He also added that the state has offered lotteries that truly just give people things for becoming vaccinated. The intent of these lotteries is to increase vaccination rates, though some individuals have remained steadfast in their opposition.

For the individuals who opt to oppose the vaccine, Justice claims that they are entering “another lottery” currently taking place in the state, and that lottery is “the death lottery.”

This week, Governor Justice is intending to announce the winners of the third round of the state’s lottery, known as “Do it for Babydog.” This particular contest has been named after the governor’s EnglishBulldog, according to the vaccination website for the state of West Virginia.

The “Do it for Babydog” lottery offers several rich incentives. For instance, some of the lottery’s prizes include $1M in cash, various weekend getaways, custom outfitted trucks, numerous college scholarships, hunting and fishing licenses, and shotguns and rifles.

In addition, West Virginia also plans to draw six different rounds of winners, with any individual who has opted to receive a shot being eligible for entry.

Per current state data, West Virginia has experienced more than 164,100 cases of the COVID-19 virus. In addition, the current statewide positive testing rate stands at approximately 1.26 percent.

Moreover, West Virginia has also reported just under 3,000 total deaths since the outbreak of COVID-19 began across the state. Fortunately, the hospitalization rates in West Virginia have improved tremendously since the outbreak. At this point in time, the current levels of hospitalization are standing at low levels that have not been witnessed since the past spring.