Governor Takes Away Democrats “Allowance” Until They Learn To Behave

On Monday, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) announced that he would dock the pay of Democrat legislators in Texas after they stalked out of a session in order to block a new bill designed to protect election integrity.

Democratic legislators have complained that the proposed new laws would massively restrict voting rights across Texas, and they have labeled the proposed legislation as an “assault on our democracy,” as previously noted by Townhall.

One action that the impending bill will take includes a ban on drive-through voting, the elimination of unsolicited mail-in ballots, and required identification for absentee ballots.

However, on Sunday, Democrat lawmakers commenced a mass walkout in order to prevent the chamber from voting on the new legislation, given that a mandated 100-member quorum was not met. Consequently, Abbott was unable to receive the bill and subsequently sign it into law.

The Texas House concluded its session around 11:00 p.m., though Abbott indicated that he would be calling for a special legislative session in order to make sure that the bill is ultimately passed.

In a statement, Abbott notes that the Election Integrity and Bail Reform constitute “must-pass emergency items for this legislative session,” and he also added that it is both “concerning” and “deeply disappointing” that the legislation has not yet reached his desk.

Earlier on Sunday, the Senate in Texas passed the new legislation with a highly partisan18-13 vote, with all Democrats voting against it.

Republicans strongly support the bill due to the hope that it will help preserve election integrity in Texas, whereas Democrat insist that the proposed bill is part of a GOP plot to complicate access to voting.