Graham Gets Real About Putin’s Intentions

In case you missed it, Senator Lindsey Graham, a long-time staunch ally of Trump, recently scared fictional news media and all the snowflakes by calling for the imminent termination of Putin.

Graham’s position has not changed after the bombing of a maternity hospital and a number of other atrocities that have been in such egregious violation of basic human rights that even Biden has finally mustered up the gumption to call Putin a “war criminal.”

Why it took Biden so long to make such a declaration remains unknown, but, nonetheless, at least Biden is being somewhat bolder in his wording.

Too bad Biden isn’t nearly as brave as the Ukrainians, who clearly weren’t counting on much, if any, assistance from the Biden administration.

After all, they are literally fighting Putin alone, which is precisely why Graham lauds their bravery before segueing into the imminent risks to global security posed by Putin’s regime.

“The bravest people on the planet are the Ukrainian people. They have rejected living under Putin’s Russia because they don’t want to live under a murderous dictator,” Senator Graham proclaimed, “they don’t want to go back to the good old days of the Soviet Union.”

Especially when they’re already getting a taste of those “gold old days”: widespread scarcity and uncertainty, not to mention an absence of political freedom and movement.

Graham then proceeded to lambast the Biden administration’s response to the Ukraine crisis, which has been less than laudatory.

“[Ukrainians are] in the streets. Grandmothers have rifles,” Graham continued, “they’re rising to the occasion. The military equipment we’re giving them now, we should have gave them six months ago – so if somebody is knocking on your door and says, Joe Biden’s outside, he’s here to help you, that’s not a good thing.”

Seriously. After all, Biden did declare that Putin would never win “the hearts and souls of the Iranian people” during his State of the Union speech, which was a rather insane gaffe, to put it mildly.

Talk about rising to the mega-gaffe occasion.

On top of blasting Biden for being perpetually “late to the game,” Graham continued on with a highly ominous warning if Biden doesn’t do a little more than talk periodically tough against Putin.

“If Putin succeeds, Iran, China and other nefarious world actors will only grow stronger against the West,” Graham warned, and, it is safe to say that the dark consequences certainly won’t be stopping there – they’ll be starting there.

“And then, every problem you name gets worse,” Graham continued, “The war criminal [would] still be standing. The Ayatollah … will sprint to a nuclear weapon in Iran, believing that’s an insurance policy – and all the Arabs are going to want their own nuclear weapon. You have a nuclear arms race in the Mid-East. So every problem we have today is made worse by Putin.”

More like every problem we have is made worse today by the fact Biden was inexplicably voted into the White House in the first place.

Had Trump been in power instead, it is safe to say that a whole lot of things would be going a whole lot better now, starting with gasoline likely half the price (or less) at the gas pump.

Not to mention the fact that mask mandates on airplanes would have long seen been ditched while the border wall continued to grow …

In light of Putin’s machinations and Graham’s chilling warnings, 2024 simply cannot arrive soon enough.

Author: Jane Jones