[GRAPHIC] Antifa Brawls With Trump Supporters

By Andrew Mark Miller 7th December, 2020 | Image Source : Washington Examiner

Counterprotesters clashed with Trump supporters rallying in Washington state Saturday in support of the president’s election challenges.

A group of Trump supporters had reportedly gathered at the Washington Capitol building in Olympia on Saturday to voice support for the president’s various legal challenges of the Nov. 3 election, at which point counterprotesters could be seen clashing with them in several videos posted on social media.

“A brawl breaks out between Trump supporters and antifa at the Washington state Capitol in Olympia,” journalist Andy Ngo tweeted along with a video of a violent skirmish.

“Antifa vs. Trump supporters brawl breaks out in the Washington state capital today,” Ngo posted along with another video.

Independent journalists on social media reported that at least one arrest had been made by police after someone allegedly fired a gun.

“Individual who fired his gun earlier in the day can be seen at the :23 second mark pointing his firearm at protesters,” the Twitter account for Independent Media PDX tweeted. “According to an Olympia Police officer, that individual has been arrested & they are currently investigating the shooting.”

Author: Andrew Mark Miller

Source: Washington Examiner: Videos show Trump supporters and counterprotesters in violent clash in Washington state

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