Guess Where Hunter Biden Is Getting Most Of His Money?

Gallerist Georges Berges and Hunter Biden held another art show in Soho, New York, over the past weekend, wherein paintings by Hunter sold for upwards of half a million dollars each, primarily to anonymous investors.

During Hunter’s last art exhibit, which took place in Los Angeles, five of Hunter’s paintings were sold for $75,000 each.

Berges informed the New York Post that not “much of a crowd” would be present at Hunter’s Soho showing, adding that the art would be displayed in a secret exhibit. The guest list purportedly includes individuals willing to spend upwards of $500,000 or more on artwork, leaving the exhibit largely closed to the general public.

“You can’t just walk in here,” Berges snarled at a reporter from the New York Post, who was merely inquiring about basic details regarding Hunter’s showing.

“This is a private place,” Berges continued, adding that he doesn’t just “walk into [a reporter’s] house.”

The first day of Hunter’s art showing took place on Saturday, as the New York Post reported that various workers in the gallery peeled away paper that had been covering the windows. The paper was originally intended to prevent the event from being gaped at by onlookers prior to the arrival of Biden’s wife, Melissa Cohen, who stopped at the gallery in order to inspect the setup of the event.

Cohen was wearing black leather pants and a black leather jacket, accompanied by a white T-shirt, when she was spotted exiting from the art gallery.

Aside from the presence of Cohen, a documentary film crew was also present “for the hanging of the 15 canvases,” as reported by the New York Post.

During the second day of Hunter’s art showing, which took place on Sunday, one male attendee, who only identified as “Sal” from New Jersey, declared that he was “very much” interested in six of Hunter’s paintings.

Sal, who reportedly arrived at the event in a luxury green Audi, proclaimed that Hunter’s artwork ranged from “very good” to “great.”

“I’m a Republican,” Sal brayed, “and I think [Hunter’s paintings] were great. His paintings were very good.”

When pressed about his present occupation, Sal replied that he is “retired.”

Sal declined to remark whether or not he would purchase Hunter’s paintings, cryptically replying, “we’ll see” in response to inquiries.

The president’s son’s second art show was presumably delayed until the spring, though that delay turned out to be inaccurate. However, the show was closely shrouded in secrecy, as each and every guest present was subjected to “legal vetting.”

From the perspective of the White House, Hunter is apparently welcome to engage in a variety of art shows, as the Biden presidential administration merely shifted the focus to Berges instead.

“We’ve spoken to the specifics that [Berges] has agree to and what recommendations were made,” an irritated Psaki remarked, “I’ve done that several times.”

“I don’t have any other details from you here,” Psaki continued, adding that she would “point [the audience]” towards the alleged details if they were available.

Berges, Biden’s notorious art dealer, has attracted immense scrutiny due to his close relationship with Communist China, and much of his work history appears to mirror the international route chosen by President Biden and his family’s previous and current business ventures.

Breitbart News previously reported on the Biden family’s questionable dealings overseas. These dealings include Hunter’s participation on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian oil and gas company owned by an oligarch, as well as Hunter’s receptiveness to engaging in various deals with Chinese Communist Party officials.

Astonishingly, President Biden would later boast about withholding vital aid from Ukraine until Ukrainian officials terminated the prosecutor who was conducting a corruption probe into Burisma, which paid Hunter tens of thousands of dollars per month for his alleged services on the board.

However, Hunter has repeatedly defended his questionable art career, proclaiming that his art showings are a “pretty courageous thing to do.”