Hashtag #BidenLied Explodes On Social Media, See Why …

During his first ten days in office, President Biden has been quite busy, especially since he has now signed off on 42 executive orders, which pertain to transgender rights, climate change, and COVID-19.

Biden presumably has been too preoccupied with these concerns to pay much attention to a major campaign promise he extolled to all Americans: Providing $2,000 stimulus checks to Americans who remain seriously hurt from the pandemic.

For instance, in early January, Biden made a stop in Georgia in early January before the Senate runoffs, where he asserted that one of his key focuses in office would be providing Americans with $2,000 payments. In other words, by voting Democrat for the Senate, $2,000 stimulus checks were all but guaranteed.

In Atlanta, Biden also proclaimed that the stimulus “will go out the door immediately.”

Thus far, no new stimulus providing direct payments to Americans has been realized.

However, Americans have noticed the absence of Biden’s promise fulfillment, and several reacted with fury on Twitter. Given the collective amount of fury, it did not take long for the hashtag #BidenLied to start trending on the social media  platform.

The chief complaints originate from the Democrat Party’s own Twitter page, which revealed Biden’s reduction of the stimulus from $2,000 to $1,400. The justification for $1,400 is due to the fact that separate $600 checks were approved earlier in the month, which would total $2,000 in relief.According to the Democrat Party, “@POTUS will build on the $600 down payment” and “[send] an additional $1,400 to [American households]”, adding that the total would be “$2,000 per person.”

However, this statement does not align with Biden’s $2,000 check promise.

Furthermore, on January 21, Biden also noted that the suggested $600 stimulus checks were insufficient for most American households’ needs.
Consequently, Twitter users remained furious, with Ryan Knight, a podcast host, leading the criticism: Podcast host Ryan Knight led the criticism: “$2000 is not $1400. So @JoeBiden is either a liar or really bad at math. I am going with LIAR.”
Another enraged Twitter user commented, “#BidenLied and the whole government lied … Don’t say your given us $2000 checks when your really given us $1400 checks. That’s just cold, bruh.”

Other individuals became even more aggressive in their commentary.

Another individual chimed in, observing that Democrats were angrier over #BidenLied trending than the fact that 500,000 Americans have passed away from the pandemic. 

Knight added his voice to the chorus in an additional tweet, remarking, “nobody should be surprised that @JoeBiden lied.”

Interestingly, Biden’s supporters started using the same hashtag alongside pictures of their pets.

According to Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, Biden’s proposal may pass as early as Monday, which suggests $1,400 checks may start arriving by the week’s end, per CNET.

House Speaker Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has said the House could pass Biden’s proposal as early as Monday, which could mean the $1,400 checks would start arriving by the end of the week, according to CNET.

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