Hero Marine Enrages The Left, See How …

James Kilcer, the American Marine Corps veteran who successfully stopped an armed robbery attempt in an Arizona convenience store on October 20, recently received an award from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office due to his “exceptional courage” and “extraordinary courage.”

While accepting the Citizen’s Valor Award on Tuesday, Kilcer wore a “Let’s go Brandon” t-shirt.

Kilcer received the award from Sheriff Leon Wilmont, and the award is described as the “highest award for citizens whose actions warrant recognition.”

In the case of Kilcer, the veteran “voluntarily [came] to the aid of another citizen during an incident criminal activity at extreme … personal risk in an [effort] to protect or save human life.”

Kilcer’s choice of t-shirt is certain to lead to chuckles from many conservatives across the nation.

The phrase “let’s go Brandon” has morphed into national consciousness after an NBC reporter’s rather unhelpful mischaracterization of a highly profane, anti-Biden chant that has taken hold at college football games nationwide.

As a result of the NBC reporter’s efforts to cover for Biden, “Let’s go Brandon” has now soared to the top of trending social media phrases, and it is widely perceived as the phrase of choice for numerous Americans that have become alienated by the Biden administration.

In addition to wearing a “Let’s go Brandon,” t-shirt, Kilcer also wore a bright red MAGA baseball cap while accepting the award for his heroism.

Kilcer also remarked on the incident to “America’s Newsroom,” noting that he takes his own personal safety, as well as that others, “very seriously.”

Kilcer had sensed the arrival of trouble when he heard the door to the convenience store “open real aggressively,” which is precisely when his “spidey senses” began to “[tingle] a little bit.”

Upon viewing the three criminals who intended to rob the convenience store, Kilcer observed that only one was armed, which is when he decided “that’s the guy [he’s] going to hit.”

Kilcer singlehandedly disarmed the suspect with one arm, and he also decked the other assailants with a bag filled with purchased goods, including energy drinks and gatorades.

The veteran attributed his fast thinking and skilled reflexes to the training the Marine Corps is known for, including the “mental [preparation]” involved.

Kilcer successfully detained the armed assailant prior to the arrival of law enforcement. The juvenile criminal was booked to Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center shortly after the incident for aggravated assault and armed robbery.