Hershel Walker’s Son Eviscerates BLM In Monumental Way

A slew of high profile Black Americans have been speaking out against the BLM Movement, and Hershel Walker’s son, Christian Walker, is the latest to join them.

While many prominent Black Americans have spoken out against BLM, Christian takes the criticism even further, illustrating the full extent of his disgust with his own race being hijacked for dark, twisted political objectives.

On Twitter, Walker proclaimed, “I won’t be backing down to the radical left. They hate our country and it’s time Americans stand up to save it.”

Christian then retweeted a video from Log Cabin Republicans, where he delivered a scathing commentary on what BLM really is, and what its real objectives are. Safe to say, the objectives are not exactly concerned with the well-being and quality of life for Black Americans.

On the contrary, the BLM movement has exploited race for its own sadistic political aims, which Christian reveals in his speech.

“Anybody who honestly cares about black people could not support Black Lives Matter — it’s a terrorist organization, and personally I think it’s the KKK in blackface,” Walker said in the opening of the video posted on the Log Cabin Republicans’ Twitter account.

“I was on the roof of my building in Los Angeles, and I was looking around town and the whole town was on fire because of radical BLM domestic terrorists,” he said. “There were 12 helicopters in the sky. I was freaking out, and all anyone had to say was, ‘Oh, let me go post a black square on Instagram!’ And I said, ‘Oh, no-no-no, I’m not giving up my country up to the radical left.” [Source: The Blaze]

In short, Christian pulls all the punches in eviscerating the BLM movement for what it is, a terrorist organization that seeks total and complete anarchy, not to mention a complete obliteration of American history and the Constitution.

Thus, he also acknowledges that BLM seeks to destroy Western Civilization in his speech, illustrating that he’s done his research on the nefarious organization that has insidiously integrated itself with the Democrat Party.

“If you go on Black Lives Matter[‘s] website,” Walker said. “They hate Western civilization, they hate our society, and really — to me — they hate black men. They wanna destroy the nuclear family.” [Source: The Blaze]

Elsewhere in the video, Christian also blasts the moblike mentality of the left, skewering the moronic celebrities that egg them on in a lame attempt to grasp whatever sliver of popularity they may have left amongst ultra-flaky, hypersensitive millennials and the even flakier, even more hyper-sensitive Generation Z, at least if recent school curriculums are anything to go by.

Christian further strengthens his speech with elements that the Democrats hate the most of all: facts. He points out tragic statistics regarding black on black crime, illustrating that infinitely more black men die by the hands of other black men than they ever do by the police. He also calls attention to absent fathers in the Black community, which further perpetuate and encourage crime.

On top of that, he also points out that 93% of Republicans in the Senate voted to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1965, as opposed to 69% of Democrats.

No wonder the Democrats seem so intent on erasing history.

Christian’s sentiments also echo those of his own father, Hershel Walker, who has recently announced that he lost friends due to his support of Trump, even though Hershel he has been a personal friend of Trump’s since 1984.

Common sense would say that Walker knows Trump a bit better than the bought and paid for fake news media. However, the fake news media somehow claims to know Trump better than he does, which is precisely why Hershel Walker feels his soul hurt when Trump is called “racist”.

Thus, Christian Walker’s open criticism of BLM lends further credence to the growing silent majority for Trump and his all-American, rather than utterly anti-American, policies. Furthermore,

In short, Christian calls out the reality that the Democrats constantly run away from, assuming they ever bother to acknowledge it in the first place. The Democrats are hoping if they set enough fires, institute enough lockdowns, and generally cause upheaval in every conceivable way possible, then Trump will somehow lose in 2020.

On the contrary, the Democrats just may be helping Trump more than multiple trillions worth of donations ever would.

After all, freedom is priceless.

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