High-Profile Rapper Flips Red, Turns On Biden In Viral Attack

Bad news for the Democrats. Again.

Biden’s rather bold, “you ain’t black” comment was tactless enough, but it has also proven to be resoundingly inaccurate, time and time again. Turns out that black businessmen are not overly impressed by Biden’s ghastly tax scheme, including prominent rapper 50 Cent.

50 Cent, who has been a well-known name in the music industry for nearly twenty years, has produced countless songs and collaborations with others, and his name would certainly be recognized by anyone with an even peripheral knowledge of rap music. And Biden managed to piss him off from his basement. Quite the feat.

According to Biden’s imminent wisdom, along with clear guidance from Elizabeth Warren and her ilk, the proposed tax plan features a wide range of (highly increased) tax rates for various states. In New York, already one of the worst states in the nation to do business, the “top tax rate” would settle out around 58% at the state level, as well as 62% for New York City. In addition, California’s top tax rate may settle out around 62.6%, while New Jersey’s would flatten at 60%.

Wow, how reasonable. Especially for states that are already sky high in terms of taxes and chronically “broke” in terms of fiscal “management” (Democrat “leadership” strikes again).

Did Biden, and for that matter, the entire Democrat Party somehow NOT notice the mass exodus of tax refugees from the west and northeast into locales further east or south, respectively? Locales which are vastly more reasonable in terms of cost of living? Or are they that ensconced in their alternate reality that they are truly out of touch with most sane (hardworking) people’s reactions to their outrageous, pie in the sky economic plans?
Regardless, 50 Cent surely paid attention to this insane suggestion, given that he, like Trump, is an actual businessman who actually has a clue about business management and revenue streams. In other words, totally foreign concepts to lifelong career politicians used to turning on the spigot of taxpayer money whenever and wherever they want.

In an Instagram post, 50 Cent baldly declared he could care less whether or not Trump is racist (he isn’t); the rapper is vastly more concerned with basic economics than whatever furious attacks the media is launching against Trump at the moment.

“WHAT THE F–K! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT … F–K NEW YORK The KNICKS never win anyway. I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62% are you out of ya f–king mind.” [Source: Fox News]

The Trump Campaign has already responded favorably, with Senior Advisor Katrina Pierson quipping, “I guess 50 Cent don’t want to end up 20 Cent.”

Given that he is an especially strong influence on his millennial base, who already struggle to accept Biden over their darling Sanders, 50 Cent’s statements are likely to be especially incendiary to the increasingly edgy Democrats, who are pulling out all the stops now in a lame attempt to stop the steamrolling movement of Trump 2020.

50 Cent’s endorsement is especially powerful because it adds to the strength of numerous other high-profile black celebrities or leaders who have either directly or indirectly endorsed Trump. Kanye West has long been a fan of Trump, meeting him several years ago and several times since in the White House, even turning his wife, Kim Kardashian, into one of the few celebrities that will not routinely bash Trump.

Lil’ Wayne has openly stated he’s no fan of “defund police” movements, and despite his superstar status, his comments apparently were not “woke” enough for the fake news, which is why his interview was barely publicized. Ice Cube also brushed off criticism for working with the Trump administration, illustrating that his heart is set on helping the black community, not further weakening it under generations of poverty-causing Democrats.

The billionaire founder of BET, Robert L. Johnson, stopped short of a direct endorsement of Trump, although his sentiments were quite clear when he alluded to how he has no idea what Biden may do in power. Johnson also added that it is critical for him to know what to expect as a businessman, and that he knows what Trump will do in general. In essence, Johnson endorsed Trump, or he certainly offered less than pleasant commentary regarding the thought of a Biden presidency.

And, of course, Hershel Walker has been a stalwart friend of Trump’s for decades, refusing to cease his support of him. He has admitted that his support of Trump has cost him friendships (clearly, these were not true friends of Walker anyway), but that he refuses to stop supporting him. He has also repeatedly stated that Trump is not racist, and he really dislikes the media’s near-constant insistence that he is.

In essence, the past few weeks have been great for Trump and terrible for the Democrats, as they are finally realizing that arson and looting are inadvisable for boosting their “cause.”

Vote Trump!

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