Hillary Clinton Throws An Embarrassingly Public Temper-Tantrum

Hillary Clinton, who previously served as Obama’s Secretary of State, has recently proclaimed that the GOP has failed to “respect the rule of law,” and she proclaimed that she would “absolutely” be in favor of eliminating the filibuster.

Clinton, who is well-known for losing the 2016 presidential election to newcomer Donald Trump, made these remarks during a recent interview with The Atlantic.

The former first lady also weighed in on the 2020 presidential elections, commenting that the GOP “was shocked” after losing states that it had previously counted on, including Georgia and Arizona. Though the GOP lost the states by “narrow margins,” Clinton claims that these losses are “accurate” and “legitimate.”

Clinton claims that the GOP is constantly attempting “to suppress votes on steroids,” adding that the Republicans are apparently giving various state legislatures the ability “to basically throw out elections if they don’t go their way.”

The GOP, according to Clinton, will make every effort to win, “even if they lose the popular vote,” and even when “they legitimately lose the electoral college.”

When she was asked whether or not she would eliminate the filibuster, Clinton replied, “yes, absolutely,” adding that the GOP does not demonstrate viable “respect” for “the rule of law.” Clinton also claims that the GOP “does not even respect the process unless it works for them,” citing Merrick Garland’s blocked appointment, which was spearheaded by Senator Mitch McConnell, during the Obama years.

Currently, 60 votes are necessary for overcoming a filibuster, which must occur before legislation can be further advanced in the Senate. Numerous Democrats yearn to abolish the filibuster, though many others are not in favor.

For instance, Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Krysten Sinema, of West Virginia and Arizona respectively, have both proclaimed that they will not be in support of abolishing the filibuster. Sinema also noted that the filibuster is necessary in order to “[compel] moderation,” as well as protect the nation from “wild swings between opposing policy poles.”

Clinton, however, has maintained steadfast opposition to the filibuster.