Hillary Hurls Venom At Manchin and Sinema

As if Senators Manchin and Sinema don’t have it bad enough – First, the White House attacks them. Now, none other than Ms. Hillary Clinton is attacking them.

The inexplicable Democrats by today’s “standards” (in particular Manchin), have perhaps faced more abuse than most Republicans have from the Biden administration, which is a rather stark departure from Biden’s so-called pledge to “unity” on the campaign trail. Or campaign basement. Whichever, he was clearly going to “win” anyway.

The White House has clearly deviated from its pledge to unify the nation, unless of course the real intention was to unify the nation against “domestic enemies,” a phrase that Biden is growing a little too fond of.

After all, the Chinese government is remarkably well-known for encouraging its citizens to spy on one another and report any deviance from the party line to the party.

Sound familiar?

Then again, Hunter Biden was never going to get multiple millions from the Chinese easily.

Oh wait, it appears he’s still getting those millions … as even Psaki can’t cover that up. She just angrily redirects to Hunter’s so-called representatives instead (since when does a drug-addicted criminal/wannabe adult entertainer need a representative?)

As if redirecting to Hunter’s representatives doesn’t speak volumes in and of itself.

Anyway, since the Biden White House seems intent on modeling itself after the fear-driven, authoritarian regime of Xi (minus the technical competence), it is no surprise that the administration has launched a full-on assault of the very “moderates” Biden claimed he represented.

Biden’s rancor is even more absurd considering the reasoning underlying it: Manchin and Sinema did not feel comfortable backing Biden’s mega-spending bills.

Apparently, pointing out inconvenient elements of the economy, including sky-high inflation, is something that makes Biden go stark, raving mad, and then he wonders why neither Manchin nor Sinema support him after he publicly attacks them.

Heck, Sinema was even stalked into a bathroom by four rabid snowflakes demanding a “legal path to immigration” (hint, snowflakes: that existed before you were born).

Only for Biden to sniff that it “happens to everyone.”

Really, Biden? What makes you the expert on stalking women into the bathroom?

Perhaps Tara Reade could weigh in on that one. Oh, that’s right, American media completely muzzled her, but at least her voice can be heard in ironically authoritarian Australia.

Now, none other than Ms. Clinton herself has joined the moderate-bashing fray, as evidenced by her rather public commentary.

In fact, her comments were probably even more detestable than Biden’s, given that Clinton actually had the gall to drag Martin Luther King, Jr. into her rather obvious (very early) campaign for the 2024 presidency.

“MLK Jr. said:‘I had hoped that the white moderate would understand that law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice, and that when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress.’ This is a subtweet,” Clinton pompously tweeted.

In other words, Clinton effectively claimed that Martin Luther King, Jr. would detest Senators Manchin and Sinema for allegedly “[blocking] the flow of social progress.”

Even worse, Clinton’s far-left, rabid followers clearly feel the same way she does, going as far as to claim that both Manchin and Sinema are apparently “more deceitful,” apparently for daring to stick to their principles of moderation.

“The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative,” the far left sneered, “both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor.”

“Perfected the art of posing,” huh? And this is an account that actually supports Clinton, who directly oversaw far harsher punishments for criminals in the 1990s?

That speaks volumes about the intelligence of the far left, not to mention their nonexistent memory. Kind of like a school of fish swimming about mindlessly, but at least the school of fish accomplish their objectives.

Democrats get caught in coral.

Humorous as Clinton’s attempts to be relevant are, could her bid for 2024 be any more obvious at this point in time?

Unlike Donald J. Trump, Clinton can’t even bother to wait until after the midterm elections …

Author: Jane Jones