Hollywood Star Hits Dangerous Low in Smearing Trump

Just when you thought Hollywood couldn’t go any lower, it has. As if “comedians” holding up bloody, decapitated caricatures of our great President Trump

Ironically, the left likes to say that President Trump spews fake news, when the reality is that Trump’s Twitter account provides more truth than the collective “efforts” of the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and numerous other fictional outlet examples. It should be unsurprising that the left would take on an accuser with a clear vendetta and hatred of our great President, along with our Constitution given her total disregard of it.

Nevertheless, it is a truly low point in American history when a Hollywood star with limited education can make the totally baseless accusation that Trump is a “murderer.”

“#DonaldJTrump is a murderer. Stupid, callous uncaring; all in all the biggest catastrophe to ever befall our poor nation. I can’t stop crying,” Ms. Midler states [Source: Breitbart]

The “biggest” catastrophe? So, President Trump is a bigger “catastrophe” than 9/11? Ok, Midler. And Cher. And virtually all of Hollywood, as well as anyone with and

discernible media presence, such as Mr. Cannon, who believe only in freedom of speech when it comes to their own speech.

Or perhaps Ms. Midler is hellbent on attracting more attention, and therefore money, for herself, particularly after seeing how Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford managed to amass more “income” in two months than most Americans will make over the course of nearly a decade.

Tragically, Ford make well over $600,000 from likely perjury, whereas Americans may approach this amount after year after year of hard work, service, and loyalty.

Furthermore, as seen in the image extracted from her GoFundMe page below, Ford deliberately portrays herself as the fearful survivor, or a brave martyr, getting ready to bare her soul to the nation over an event that was carefully doctored and curated, much in the same way the fake news is.

It’s amazing how well lying can pay just over the course of two months. Provided you lie in exactly the manner the fake news would want someone to lie, of course. Play the game, get paid.

It obviously goes without saying that she only deigned to close the fundraiser, whose objective was never truly clear, after raising more than quadruple then original “goal” of $150,000. Ford hardly needed to hire a bunch of attorneys to argue her case; on the contrary, she likely received the 5-star treatment for free from the Democrats, courtesy of taxpayers, of course.

Like a typical leftist, people like Midler and Ford will lecture everyone else on the importance of apparently giving away virtually all the money they’ve earned from working to pay out reparations to groups that will never bother with full-time employment. However, when it’s money going directly into her pocket, she suddenly has no issue allowing the fundraiser to keep running, well after meeting the “goal” she never needed in the first place.

When reflecting upon the below image, which boldly proclaims “WE BELIEVE ALL SURVIVORS,” which by default means women to the left, it is rather interesting that Democrats seem so concerned with women’s rights, yet they apparently have zero qualms about traumatizing Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters, not to mention President Trump’s wife, Melania Trump.

Melania has actively avoided the spotlight and certainly didn’t start passing programs as if she were a co-president, yet she attracts infinitely more hatred in the media than her predecessor, who did function as an essential co-president in more ways than one, starting with her takeover of school lunches and dictating what children should eat or not eat. Yet it’s been Melania, and her young son, Barron, who have faced vicious commentary from the media, as the fake news is so blinded by its hatred of Trump that it doesn’t care who it destroys in the process to illustrate this hatred.

One can only hope that women like Ms. Midler and her likeminded, hateful allies, who are the real arbiters of injustice, will epically fail in their goal to permanently ruin President Trump. The approaching November 2020 will be quite telling in this regard.

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