House Stuns With Accusations Before Impeachment

February 9, 2021.

The day all American Patriots have dreaded: the greatest sham of an impeachment ever to take place in American history. Which is followed by the next-greatest sham of an impeachment to take place in American history, which also occurred with Trump.

It is safe to say that the fake news media and potentially faker politicians are not letting go of their Trump Derangement Syndrome anytime soon. On the contrary, they may never give up this neurosis, given that it has apparently become an inextricable component of their identity.

Too bad that they have to drag the rest of America into their never-ending tantrum, the heights of which will be on full display today, when a private citizen is impeached for the first time in American history.

And of course the “impeachment managers” have to do so in the most dramatic way possible, citing the Constitution that is referenced only when convenient for them (in other instances, free speech, not to mention increased attacks on gun ownership, are considered onuses more than anything else).

In their response to Trump, they went predictably insane, the entirety of which can be read here. An excerpt of the nonsense is available below.

“The House denies each and every allegation in the Answer that denies the acts, knowledge, intent, or wrongful conduct charged against President Trump. The House states that each and every allegation in the Article of Impeachment is true, and that any affirmative defense and legal defenses set forth in the Answer are wholly without merit. The House further states that the Article of Impeachment properly alleges an impeachable offense under the Constitution, is not subject to a motion to dismiss, is within the jurisdiction of the Senate sitting as a Court of Impeachment, and should be considered and adjudicated by the Senate.”
[Source: Scribd]

O-kay. “Every” allegation is “true?” And “properly alleges” can be used in conjunction with the Constitution?

Speaking of the Constitution, the left also laughably blamed Trump for “attacking” the First Amendment, which is amongst the richest irony in recent times.

“President Trump’s incitement of insurrection was itself a frontal assault on the First Amendment. As a matter of law and logic – not to mention simple common sense – his attempted reliance on free speech principles is utterly baseless.” [Source: Fox News]

Sure, Democrats, sure. Please continue with this total and complete nonsense, which is precisely why the constitutionality of the impeachment is the first item being debated.

Trump declined to appear at the impeachment saga, refusing to feed in to the media hysteria and instead demonstrating his strength and spirit by smiling and appearing calm whenever he is photographed.

Furthermore, Trump’s legal team has released a damning response to the absurd charges levied against him, calling the charges “political theater” and illuminating facts that virtually all leftists have chosen to ignore.

“Instead of acting to heal the nation, or at the very least focusing on prosecuting the lawbreakers who stormed the Capitol, the Speaker of the House and her allies have tried to callously harness the chaos of the moment for their own political gain …

Mr. Trump spoke for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Of the over 10,000 words spoken, Mr. Trump used the word ‘fight’ a little more than a handful of times and each time in the figurative sense that has long been accepted in public discourse when urging people to stand and use their voices to be heard on matters important to them; it was not and could not be construed to encourage acts of violence.” [Source: Fox News]

Furthermore, Democrats have a whole lot to answer for if they keep going down the whole “inciting violent” route. In fact, Democrats want to defund the very entity that keeps violence in check in the first place: law enforcement.

After all, all summer long Americans were subjected to violence in their cities or on their television screens, wherein hordes of BLM and Antifa “activists” attacked police, businesses, statues, streets, and virtually anything else that they could get their hands on to destroy. Then, Trump was demonized for daring to send in that National Guard to help grossly overwhelmed police officers.

Of course, hauling in tens of thousands of National Guard for Biden’s inauguration was no problem, of course.

One can only hope that this sage ends by Friday (or sooner). Though the work-averse Democrats will probably drag out proceedings as long as possible …

Great “unity” on display today. Thanks, Biden.

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