Hunter Biden’s Psyche Exposed In Frightening Texts

Recently, the Daily Mail released a series of private texts exchanged between Hunter Biden and other parties, which provided rather astounding insight into Hunter’s risqué diction. Among many words, Hunter’s vocabulary apparently includes various commentaries on male anatomy, alongside racial slurs.

For instance, Hunter repeatedly utilized the “n-word” throughout various messages with his attorney, including such gems at the following: “Becaause n***a you better not be charging me Hennessy rates.”

Additionally, within the same message, Hunter felt compelled to send a particular image to his attorney, only to end up apologizing and informing his attorney that he is “sorry for sexting [him] accidentally,” and that the image in question was apparently intended for Georgia, who Hunter identifies as a “friend.”

Even more humorously, Hunter’s attorney tried to respond to Hunter’s inquiries about finding “unconditional love,” mainly by informed Hunter that unconditional love is offered by the following: God and his brother, Beau. The attorney also added that children remain “too young” to understand what constitutes unconditional love, but that they will eventually learn the concept after observing Hunter himself demonstrate it.

Hunter issued a strong retort to his attorney, exclaiming, “OMG n***a,” followed by a range of irritated commentary about “a fictional character from the imagination of the collective frightened,” in an apparent reference to God. He also complained about the suggestion to rely on his “dead brothers” love (no apostrophe included) and snapped that his “kids aren’t children.”

He then proceeded to comment on his genitals, remarking that his personal part has “of late been unconditional” while simultaneously bragging about how “big” it is. Hunter also felt compelled to tell his attorney, “I only love you because you’re black.”

The attorney, clearly irritated, replied to Hunter that it was “so annoying” that Hunter routinely interjects his texts with “frivolity,” to which Hunter flippantly replied, “True dat n***a.”

Apparently, Hunter in unaware of the fact that using the n-word is rather inadvisable in these times, particularly when his father portrays himself as the bastion of tolerance.

Ironically, Hunter’s repeated use of racial slurs occurs mere days after his father, Joe Biden, openly assailed racism and insisted that that United States must “come to terms with its dark sides” on the 100-year anniversary of the race massacre in Tulsa. Joe returned to the same theme again on D-Day.

Unsurprisingly, these texts are not the first to reveal that Hunter has a less than attractive communication style, not to mention behavioral patterns. For instance, other texts have revealed Hunter bragging about one of his many “baby mamas,” who was a stripper before becoming impregnated by Hunter, being on his payroll. Even worse, Hunter’s father is acutely aware of his son’s unsavory dealings, which were primarily achieved through blatant influence-peddling.

At the time of this writing, neither Hunter nor his attorney have responded to requests for comment regarding the text message exchanges.