Ilhan Omar Finally Faces The Consequences Of Her Extremism

For a long time, it seemed that all the members of the detestable “Squad” in Congress could get away with just about anything.

For instance, when AOC isn’t busy shoving companies outside of New York City, such as Amazon, she is busy running her mouth about many other political and economic matters, in which she is decidedly clueless.

Whoever received a degree from the university she went to, the supposedly illustrious Boston University, should demand a refund.

Outside of AOC, other “Squad” members have virulently anti-law enforcement and generally anti-American sentiment, and Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are also infamous for their rather blatant antisemitism, which does not exactly align with the United States’ foreign policy strategies.

Omar, however, really took the cake recently when she likened the Israeli government to Hamas, or basically stated that a top American ally and a notorious terrorist group are essentially the same.

Needless to say, these remarks met with immense uproar, but Omar clearly learned nothing from it, at least not until major backlash over the past couple of days, which commenced after her public display of non-regret.

During a recent appearance on the Communist News Network (CNN), Omar was asked whether or not she regretted her previous statements regarding Israel and Hamas.

Unsurprisingly, Omar crisply replied that she didn’t have any regrets.

The total absence of regret, coupled with the vicious commentary in the first place, did not exactly earn her widespread praise, at least in the media, for once.

For instance, Avi Mayer of the American Jewish Committee, pointed out how Omar’s remarks suggest that Jews do not care at all for non-Jewish individuals, especially since they have been highly involved in various human rights efforts.

“Omar’s comments draw on classic antisemitic themes about Jewish clannishness, the notion that Jews only look out for themselves. They’re also plainly false … Jewish lawmakers have been on the front lines, fighting for human rights in America and globally.” [Source: Fox News]

One thing is for sure: They’ve probably fought far more for human rights than the current administration has.

In addition, Asra Nomani, who is the co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement and also serves as the vice-president of Parents Defending Education, had even harsher criticism for Omar.

“This is what a modern day Muslim Supremacist looks like … Ilhan Omar speaks to @jaketapper + rebukes Jewish Democratic colleagues for failing to be ‘partners in injustice.’ Her wound is bigger than their wound—a wound collector in the Oppression Olympics.” [Source: Fox News]


“Muslim Supremacist” is quite the bold statement to make in a day and age where all one hears about is “White Supremacy,” including from the supposed president himself, but Nomani clearly does not fear “cancellation” from the ultra-woke crowd.

Even Biden apparently decided to wake up enough to realize that he should probably say something at this point to keep Omar somewhat in line, which would explain the surprisingly cogent commentary from his press secretary, Psaki.

“Any attempt to draw an equivalency between the United States and our close ally, Israel, with a terror groups like Hamas or the Taliban, is false and unacceptable … Those are certainly not comments that we’ve made from here.” [Source: The Daily Mail]

Well, at last the Biden administration decided to make a somewhat logical statement.

After all, from calling Putin “a killer” to basically blowing off Israel recently, it is safe to say that Biden has not exactly adopted the most brilliant foreign policy approach in the Middle East, or, for that matter, even at the U.S.-Mexico border.

However, finally deciding to show at least some tacit criticism of Omar, even without naming her directly, has apparently inspired the rabidly anti-American “representative” issue a not-very-believable statement on Twitter.

“Most of my colleagues across Congress may not be refugees themselves, but fleeing war and persecution only to find a refuge in the United States of America—*is* the Jewish-American experience … This binds us.” [Source: Fox News]

Well, how about that. All of the sudden Ms. Omar recognizes what “binds us.”

Any reason why she was so fixated on division before? And, even more importantly, will she be focusing on what “binds us” in the future, or will she go back to her standard divide and conquer ways?

Time will tell, though past history suggests that the latter will prevail …

Author: Ofelia Thornton