Illegal Caravan Barrels Toward U.S. Border

Well, Biden appears to be full of lovely surprises on his first day in office. From prioritizing transgender “bathroom rights” to vowing to undermine Trump’s immigration policies. And, of course, Biden intends to do so through a flurry of executive orders, despite the Democrats ranting about Trump’s use of executive orders for years.

Apparently executive orders designed to protect Americans are offensive, whereas executive orders that bear the signature of the Democrat Party’s pick are nothing short of golden, in spite of the fact that these executive orders very well may represent the antithesis of protecting Americans.

While such a “standard” in the Democrat Party means misery for the nation, it is quite clear that the only “golden” aspect of any executive order that leftists sign is an opportunity for further destruction of the traditional fabric of American society. In other words, the real objective of the Democrat Party and their big tech partners in global crime.

And what a “golden” opportunity storming towards the U.S. border now: thousands upon thousands of migrants, many of them already filmed violently breaking through border security in Central America, as seen in the charming image above.

Even worse, the illegal migrants have directly cited Biden as a reason for storming towards the United States, further solidifying the Democrats’ open arms approach to violent crime and total societal destruction, as long as they remain the only ones rich and in power.

“What I want for my people, I just want patience and pass to the U.S. because they have a new president,” he explained. “President Biden is going to help all of us. He’s giving us 100 days to get to the U.S. and give us a paper so we can get a better life for our kids and our family” [Source: Town Hall]

Lovely, Biden. Just lovely.

Thus, if you’re wondering where Democrats are likely anticipating a vast array of ballots from in the 2022 midterms, look no further than the above photograph, which illustrates numerous migrants violently breaking through rather scant border control.

One also wonders how “refugees” happen to possess expensive smartphones, also seen above, but it appears the cost of buying votes may be increasing. At the expense of hardworking American taxpayers, that is.

Biden’s open arms approach to thousands of illegals, some of whom likely possess questionable backgrounds, is even more absurd when examining his treatment of the UK, Europe, and other regions that at least feign progress and open-mindedness.

While Trump indicated that he would consider lifting the travel ban from the UK and Europe, which has been in place since mid-March of last year, Biden quickly indicated that he would ensure even greater travel restrictions, including the ongoing ban against the UK and Europe.

So, in other words, Biden has decided that what’s best for America isn’t millions or billions in tourism revenue; instead, what’s best for American is thousands upon thousands of illegal entrants who will not exactly be contributing to the United States through taxes or any other payment for their stay.

All they have to do is vote Democrat.

In fact, the hordes of illegal migrants approaching the nation now do bring to mind an uncomfortable thought: Perhaps the Democrats are encouraging mass migration now, as they would love to not even have to steal the election again in 2024.

After all, that does require some technical acumen, and it appears that intellectual capital in the Democrat Party is limited. That means it’s easier to just let in tons of people “for free”, provided they never sway from total allegiance and subservience to the almighty Democrat Party (almighty in their view, which would certainly explain their attacks on churches during nonstop lockdowns).

What great progress for American Biden promises (Not). And one can only imagine what his literal partner in crime, Kamala Harris, not to mention his ever-troublesome son, Hunter, have in store for Americans’ future …

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