Illegal Migrant Shelter Mysteriously Closes Down

In Texas, a migrant facility designed for young girls has closed down after the passing of an employee.

The migrant facility was opened only three weeks ago, and it was housing over 450 girls aged 13 to 17 years old. However, over the weekend, the center abruptly closed after a volunteer passed away. While officials remarked that the volunteer passed away after falling ill, they declined to provide further detail.

Currently, the girls from the facility are either being transferred to other shelters or unified with sponsors.

Cesar Espinosa, who serves as the FIEL director, observes that the center’s conditions were neither “the best” nor “the most appropriate,” particularly for “kids” and “young girls.”

Officials have also stated that they will continue placing underage migrants with either sponsors or refugees, and more than 1,400 minors have already been released to sponsors across Texas.