Illegal Migrants Go Berserk In Custody, Watch What Happens …

Recently, several Haitian migrants wreaked havoc on a federally contracted bus as they were being transported away from the border. The migrants revolted and were able to take over control of the commercial bus before they escaped, per the reports from two different law enforcement officials.

On Monday afternoon, illegal migrants forcibly overtook an enormous white bus that was bound for San Antonio, Texas. The migrants had been on board the bus for the 2.5 hour journey from the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas to San Antonio, Texas. Two federal law enforcement agencies reported to the Washington Examiner that the illegal migrants had been picked up from a makeshift camp underneath the Del Rio bridge, where multiple thousands of individuals are waiting to be taken into formal custody.

“The did break out of the bus,” a senior federal law enforcement remarked to the Washington Examiner on Tuesday, confirming that illegal migrants were able to seize control of a federally contracted bus.

“And they did escape,” the official added.

It remains unclear which specific immigration agency had been overseeing the transport of the migrants. For instance, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is responsible for the initial apprehension, transportation, and processing of illegal immigrants. On the other hand, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) handles detentions of longer durations, as well as eventual removal from the nation. However, neither ICE nor the CBP has responded to requests for comment.

Nonetheless, an ICE official remarked that “several non-citizens attempted to flee the contracted bus” to a local news media outlet, using the new terminology of “non-citizen” instilled under the Biden administration.

The two law enforcement officers who confirmed the occurrence of the incident also added that law enforcement was able to track down the migrants who escaped from the bus, presumably recapturing all of them.