Investigation Into Biden Deepens, Uncovers Startling Truth

Biden is presently under investigation via a federal probe from the GAO, primarily regarding his decision to abruptly terminate funding for the U.S.-Mexico border wall. On Thursday, the GAO announced that an investigation into Biden had commenced due to the fact that funds for the border wall had already been appropriated by Congress.

Moreover, various officials believe that Biden’s actions are unconstitutional since they pose a challenge to Congress’s power of the purse.

Several weeks ago, Biden signed a January executive order that orders the withholding of $1.4B that had been previously allocated for the construction of the border wall. The official GAO probe was opened after 40 GOP senators raised issues with Biden’s decision.

For instance, Senator John Thune, a GOP representative from South Dakota, remarked that one of Biden’s first actions in office involved “immediately” rescinding and revoking the emergency declarations regarding the border. As a result, the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border has deteriorated due to the “relaxed enforcement” predominating at the border.

Thune also added that the Trump administration had maintained much greater “stability at the border,” due to a greater presence of “discipline” and “order.”

The GAO inquiry has also gained additional support from an additional four senators, along with several dozen congressmen, all of whom have requested a legal opinion from the GAO with regards to revoking Biden’s actions in court.

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