Jan 6 Defendant Faces Devastating Prison Time

One of the participants in the events of January 6, 2021, recently pled guilty to a felony charge after he hurled objects at law enforcement at the U.S. Capitol and subsequently detailed his actions on social media. The defendant, Nicholas Languerand, will be sentenced by a federal judge this week.

The prosecution has sought heavy consequences, notable a prison term of four years and three months. Such a sentence would comprise the longest sentence given to a defendant in the attack on Capitol Hill.

Languerand has languished in jail since his April arrest in South Carolina. According to authorities, he had been living in Vermont during the time of the Capitol Hill riot.

In November, Languerand pled guilty to a single charge of assaulting a police officer witha. dangerous weapon. Per authorities, he hurled several objects, including a traffic barrier, at law enforcement.

At the time of his plea, Languerand was 26 years old.

The Department of Justice has requested for Bates to make an example out of the participant, noting that Languerand’s Instagram posts following the event spoke of returning to the Capitol “with rifles.”

“Violence isn’t always the answer but in the face of tyranny violence may be the only answer,” another Instagram post proclaimed.

The defense team for Languerand has proposed an alternative to the harsh sentence suggested by the prosecution, arguing for a period of “a year and a day with credit for time served in custody since April 15, 2021.”

The defense also noted that Languerand has illustrated a willingness to remain gainfully employed and law-abiding, in spite of enduring various hardships.

Over 725 people have faced charges for the Capitol Hill attack, and over 160 have pled guilty to a broad array of federal charges. The most serious sentence imposed to date is five years and one month, which was given to a Florida man who was found guilty of assaulting law enforcement officers.

Approximately 140 law enforcement officers were assaulted over the course of the riot, according to the Department of Justice.