Joe Rogan Calls Out Biden’s Cognitive Decline

Biden’s mental state has been blatantly obvious to anyone not wearing fake news goggles for well over a year now, and the massive cognitive decline is only becoming worse.

After all, what diplomatic, “unifying” world leader openly calls another world leader “a killer,” while also proceeding to demonstrate no backbone whatsoever when in front of him at the G7 Summit?

For those that missed it, Biden actually did call Putin “a killer” before the G7 Summit, which likely did not set the most appropriate tone for moving forward diplomatically.

Joe Rogan, famed for his podcasts, has also remarked that Biden’s cognitive decline is directly linked to the “unhinged” state of America, especially since the nation is not “anchored down by a real leader.”

“We’re unhinged in a lot of ways and we’re not anchored down by a real leader … You know, we don’t really have a real leader in the country, anymore. I mean, you can say Joe Biden is the president, he’s our leader, and you’d be correct on paper. But I mean, everybody knows he’s out of his mind. He’s just, he’s barely hanging in there.”[Source: The Daily Wire]

A guest comedian on Rogan’s show, Iliza Shlesinger, concurs, noting that this particular period of history is likely to be perceived as one of America’s most bizarre in history, given the “cancel culture” that has ruined countless professional careers, not to mention relationships.

“We’ll look back and it’ll be scary and be like, yeah, I don’t know. Everybody was afraid of getting canceled, people eating each other. Nobody was listening to science. Like it’s a really, even as it’s happening. I’m like, we are coming across like f***ng idiots, like animals.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

“Animals” is an excellent term to use, although Shlesinger better watch it: Next thing you know, the mob is going to come for Schlesinger as well, undoubtedly levying absurd accusations such as “dehumanization.”

Rogan also notes that this period in time is unlikely to be a favorable one for the history books, which contrasts especially strongly with the president’s claims of “unity.”

“In the future, they’re gonna be saying it’s one of the most tumultuous periods I think in the history of the country.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

“Tumultuous” is absolutely correct, although a number of other adjectives could probably be applicable. Such as insanely divisive and exceedingly violent, not to mention a state of total moral bankruptcy on multiple levels.

Rogan is not the only one who has noticed Biden’s rather precipitous mental decline. More than one representative has also noticed, including Alabama Rep. Jerry Carl, who has openly called for Biden to take a cognitive test.

“Biden’s not running his office up here. He’s not. He’s got all the lobbyists and the bureaucrats up here running and putting these bills together for him and we just want to we want to take a simple cognitive test …

I’ve got my staff checking to see if I can take one. I’ll take it. You know, if I can judge him by his, I’ll let people judge me by my end. I think that’s fair.” [Source: OANN]

It is more than “fair,” although the fake news media is likely ringing out Carl to dry for those remarks.

What the fake news media will also fail to mention is that Trump himself took a cognitive test, as many people also similarly accused Trump of not being mentally fit for office.

However, much to the rage of the leftists, Trump sailed through his cognitive test, demonstrated sharp mental acuity and more than enough mental fitness for the job.

Moreover, just observing Trump and Biden “debate” alone indicates the degree of relative competence between the two of them, as the first debate became infamous for the moderator basically debating for Biden.

In addition, Trump continues to demonstrate much more strength and power than Biden even while out of office, as evidenced by his enormously successful rally in Ohio over the weekend, as well as his impending visit to the border on June 30.

With any luck, the influence of the left will be severely curtailed in 2022, as Americans will hopefully have enough sense to vote out the mess of a House and Senate that they voted in during the 2020 elections.

Author: Jane Jones