John Bolton Presents Jarringly Bold Plan

During the ongoing crisis overseas, one thing is for certain: Trump’s former advisors are showing more teeth than Biden, regardless of how the advisors may have ultimately terminated their service within the Trump administration.

One such advisor is former National Security Advisor John Bolton, who served in the Trump administration throughout 2018 and 2019.

In spite of his differences of opinion with Trump regarding various foreign policy suggestions, Bolton has recently presented an especially bold plan for getting Putin’s (and hopefully Xi’s) attention: a blanket ban on all Russians from entering other nations.

“Such a visa ban is clear, sweeping, immediate and readily enforceable,” Bolton declared, “this would be far more shocking to Russians than sanctions against a small number of high-ranking targets.”

Fair point.

Not only that, but such a plan could also be easily extended to other countries, should they too be chomping at the bit to act up while the world is distracted over Ukraine (cough, China, cough).

After all, a huge number of Chinese already work at America’s largest tech companies and inside America’s most advanced universities, with a special focus on biomedical sciences and technology.

Then the world is shocked when it is struck by a manmade virus that just happens to originate from a nation that has a major league axe to grind with the United States.

A virus that ironically caused blanket travel bans as well, which is precisely why travel bans should be considered as a potential measure against Putin, one that has the potential to significantly reduce loss of life.

“Some will say this is too harsh and disruptive. Really? Ask Ukraine what harsh and disruptive mean. The West has failed to deter Russia’s attack, and its post-invasion sanctions have so far been pinpricks, hardly even touching Russia’s critical energy sector,” Bolton exclaimed.

Exactly. Frankly, Trump had already hit Russia’s energy sector via sanctions on the Nord Stream 2, sanctions that Biden, for some bizarre reason, felt compelled to lift.

One can only imagine the dirt that Putin has on Hunter, not to mention other Democrat shenanigans overseas.

And, almost as if anticipating the backlash to his plan, Bolton is all ears.

“If there are better ideas than a visa ban, let’s get them out in public. Otherwise, we will just be sitting back watching the casualty lists get longer,” the former national security advisor snapped.

Seems the U.S. is doing more shuffling about over sanctions than it is about anything else, though one can only hope such a travel ban may come into play.

Especially if Newt Gingrich is correct about the present state to which the world is headed.

“All of this means the end of the post-World War II system, which had successfully maintained the peace worldwide for some 77 years,” Gingrich warned, “we’re going to see a much more violent world. And we’re going to see the dictatorships being much more aggressive.”

That’s for sure. After all, China and North Korea have also announced a partnership on a “new situation,” though they predictably declined to provide additional details as to what this “new situation” entails.

However, it likely isn’t a situation that will thrill anyone in favor of freedom.

Which is precisely why a president that loves freedom should be in charge now.

Who chooses a different “team” than Obama, as Obama’s team was clearly a fiasco, from Libya to Syria and too many other nations to count.

Alas, since Biden is apparently “finishing the job” of Obama, he’s predictably kept the exact same team.

“Biden has the same team as Obama,” Gingrich continued, “they were astonishingly weak when Putin took Crimea. There was no real consequence. When Putin cross the so-called red line in Syria, there was no real consequence.”

Of course not. On the contrary, there were even more giveaways to extremists.

“The same team that sent $1 billion in cash to the Iranians, which they then use to fund terrorism, is trying to cut a [nuke] deal with Iran. They are failing in Ukraine. They are in danger in Taiwan. And there is a very high likelihood that they’re going to sell out our interests Iran,” Gingrich delineated in disbelief.

“This is a disastrous administration, whose only virtue is keeping us out of war by surrendering faster than the bad guys can demand,” he added.

Too bad for the west it seems Putin is ready for the long haul, while the west just wants the war to end.

However, Russia has other intentions, and it’s rather clear that Putin has far more than Ukraine in mind, which is rather clear from his chilling speech.

“Overall, it appears that nearly everywhere, in many regions of the world where the United States brought its law and order, this created bloody, non-healing wounds and the curse of international terrorism and extremism,” Putin proclaimed.

“[The United States] sought to destroy our traditional values and force on us their false values that would erode us, our people from within, the attitudes they have been aggressively imposing on their countries, attitudes that are directly leading to degradation and degeneration, because they are contrary to human nature,” Putin continued, “this is not going to happen.”

Former presidential advisor Dick Morris weighed in on Putin’s speech, urging Americans to realize just how dangerous the rhetoric truly is.

“The war in Ukraine is not even a week old, but we have clarity as to Vladimir Putin’s real goal for this war. It is not about Ukraine, but it is about bringing down the United States as a world power,” Morris warned.

And, in the face of this truly serious threat, the current president is … Biden.

Author: Jane Jones