Josh Hawley Gets Real With Sean Hannity

While the gargantuan increases in gas prices and ongoing conflict across Europe are certainly enough to keep many individuals on edge, Americans should also keep an eye on disturbing developments unfolding across the Supreme Court.

Between the aggressive push to nominate Biden’s predictably radical appointee to AOC screeching about Clarence Thomas being removed from the bench, it is clear that the Supreme Court, like everything else under Biden’s control, is falling into the danger zone.

Especially considering Ms. Kentanji Brown Jackson’s track record.

During an appearance on “Hannity,” Hawley got real about what exactly that track record entails.

“I sure hope that the Republicans will stand together and say that this kind of activist judge is not who we need on the US Supreme Court, I mean, this is someone who again has a now established record. I mean, it’s just beyond argument at this point. It’s an established record of being soft on criminals, particularly child sex offenders, but really criminals of all stripes,” Hawley remarked.

What is it with Democrats and sexual scandals?

From Bill Clinton to Eric Swalwell (that one actually was duped by a Chinese sex spy), it seems that the Democrats just can’t keep out of more than one cookie jar.

Hawley also issued an open call for Republicans to stick together on this particular case, given Jackson’s highly dubious track record.

“So I hope Republicans will stand together, and I hope the voters, like voters, will get the chance to weigh in on this, Sean, when they can say in November, this is the kind of judge who Joe Biden wanted on the U.S. Supreme Court; another soft on crime judge,” Hawley continued.

Too bad that Senator Susan Collins of Maine has already proclaimed her support of Jackson, which has already sunk Hawley’s request.

At minimum, however, other senators are taking a stand, such as Senator Lindsey Graham.

“All I can say is that your view of how to deter child pornography is not my view,” Graham remarked coolly.

“I think you’re doing it wrong,” Graham continued, “and every judge who does what you’re doing is making it easier for the children to be exploited.”

Even Senator Mitch McConnell has abruptly come out in opposition against Jackson, a highly surprising move considering that he initially signaled support.

Until he heard her talk.

“After studying the nominee’s record and watching her performance this week, I cannot and will not support Judge Jackson for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court,” McConnell proclaimed.

Too bad Collins felt the opposite, but her support of Jackson will surely thrill the likes of AOC.

Pretty amazing that AOC is permitted to scream about Clarence Thomas, who is black, in the first place. Isn’t that “racist” by Democrat standards?

Or does racism no longer apply if a minority dares to be conservative?

AOC’s shrieks are all the more absurd considering she was literally just busted stealing nearly $1M in “contributions” for an LLC not even registered in the United States, but it’s pretty clear the mainstream media will sweep that one under the rug even more quickly than the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Until it’s convenient for them to get rid of the mindless AOC, that is.

Just like it appears increasingly convenient for them to get rid of Biden, which is likely why all the fictional news media outlets that suffocated the Hunter Biden laptop story before are suddenly “authenticating” its contents in light of Biden’s disastrous performance overseas.

The same media that swore Trump would get the nation into World War III …

Author: Ofelia Thornton