Kamala And Zuckerberg Targeted By Putin

Russia has levied yet another series of punishments against high-profile figures in the West. This time, the strange assortment includes Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Vice President Kamala Harris, and White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

All three of these individuals have been banned from entering the nation of Russia due to their apparent support of “anti-Russian sanctions” that have been issued by the United State in response to Putin’s invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, 29 different Americans have been added to the “stop list,” including businessmen, experts, and various leaders who constitute “the Russo-phobic agenda.”

Other individuals included on the “stop list include State Department spokesman Ned Price, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks.

Price responded favorably to Russia’s travel ban, remarking that it was “nothing less than an accolade to earn the ire” of Putin. Price also added that he was honored to stand alongside other “truth tellers,” such as Psaki.

According to CNN, Price declared that “today’s tranche” mainly consisted of representatives from the Biden Administration, implying some type of moral overture.

“A number of journalists … have done incredible work, sharing the jarring, bloody truth of Russia’s actions in Ukraine,” Price declared.

The Russian Foreign Ministry declared that its “stop list” was amplified in “response to the ever-expanding anti-Russian sanctions, under which the Biden Administration brings an increasing number of Russian citizens.”

Other officials have been sanctioned by Russia, including former First Lady Hillary Clinton.