Kamala Is Front And Center In Yet Another Scandal

Kamala Harris has faced a fresh wave of criticism in the wake of the escalating border crisis. Much criticism has centered on her perceived lack of engagement with the U.S.-Mexico border, even though she has been deemed the “Border Czar” by the Biden administration.

On various social media platforms, criticism of Harris escalated as Whoopi Goldberg announced that Harris would be making an appearance on “The View” Friday. Goldberg is one of the hosts of the ABC show.

Over the weekend, Bruno Lozano, who serves as the Democrat Mayor of Del Rio, Texas, recently levied harsh criticism of Harris for going to a football game at Howard University, Harris’s alma mater, especially as upwards of 15,000 migrants had been living underneath a bridge connecting Texas and Mexico.

“[Harris] is able to visit the fun events across the country, while American communities continue to grapple with failed immigration reform,” Lozano remarked on Twitter, “Where is the visit to Del Rio, TX?”

Aside from Lozano’s criticisms, the Republican National Committee (RNC) also levied harsh criticism against Harris.

For instance, Tommy Pigott, who serves as the rapid response director for the RNC, drawing an analogy between Harris’s visit to the Audi Field in Washington, where she flipped a coin to start the weekend game between Hampton University and Howard University.

Pigott remarked that comparing the reported numbers from Customs and Border Protection and the approximate capacity of the Audi Field helps “put the border crisis in perspective.”

Noting that the Audi Field holds upwards of 20,000 people, Pigott added that 60 different Audi Fields would be needed to handle more than 1.2M border encounters that have occurred since February 1.

“You could fill … almost the entire stadium with the over 18,000 unaccompanied children picked up by border patrol in August alone,” Pigott wryly pointed out.

He also added that 10 Audi Fields in total would be needed for the 208,000 reported encounters during the month of August, including children and adults.

The most pressing question of all, however, is why Harris is still border czar, especially given her “stunningly misplaced” priorities, according to Pigott.

“Biden [was able] to go on vacation,” while “[Harris] found time to go to a football game,” Pigott remarked critically, noting that such excursions illustrate that both leaders have sufficient time “to actually do their jobs,” which would include visiting the border, as well as providing various local officials with desperately needed resources.