Kamala Presents An Interesting Culprit For Border Chaos

Kamala Harris, the VP of the Biden administration, has purportedly attempted to dodge responsibility for the ongoing crisis at the border by blaming “global warming” for the massive influx of refugees.

Harris made the remarks while commenting on the “root causes” of the mass caravans of illegal migrants. Citing “corruption” and “lack of economic opportunity” as two of the root causes, Harris also added that “climate resiliency” is a root cause for the escalating border crisis.

Currently, Harris is promoting her intentions to provide $84B of American taxpayer-funded money to the governments of Central American nations. In doing so, Harris claims that mass migration efforts towards the U.S.-Mexico border will cease. 

However, Harris has also stressed that global warming has strongly incentivized migration to the United States, which, according to Harris, has largely ignored centuries of poverty across Central America. 

Noting that the Biden administration is “looking at extensive storm damage because of extreme climate,” Harris claims that Central American migrants are fleeing since agricultural endeavors constitute a significant percentage of Central American nations’ economies.

Recently, Harris has continued facing mounting criticism for refusing to travel to the Southern border, as well as for refusing to condemn egregious human rights violations, including cartel activities and human smuggling enterprises.