Kamala Shredded By Top Celeb

Americans can certainly be forgiven for detesting Hollywood, especially since Hollywood has become an even more leftist cesspool than usual over the past few years.

Curiously, communist China has also been investing more heavily in China over the past several years as well, which illustrates a rather obvious correlation with Hollywood’s leftism, but that’s another topic for another article.

One of the major reasons that Hollywood is so detestable is due to the fact that the vast majority of “celebrities,” who have ironically done nothing worth celebrating, tend to be enormously hypocritical on top of being enormously leftist.

Namely by assailing the likes of Brett Kavanaugh with all the social media force they have behind them while remaining dead silent on similar accusations (ironically with more evidence) levied against Biden, Cuomo, and other leftists.

However, among all these celebrities, one in particular, Rose McGowan, should be recognized for being consistent, albeit leaning more leftist. Nonetheless, McGowan, one of the original architects of the “MeToo” movement, exhibits none of the hypocrisy that characterizes her Hollywood peers, which is especially clear in her recent, scathing criticism of Kamala Harris.

In case you missed this bombshell of a headline, Ms. Harris apparently believes it’s a great idea to have a one-on-one chat with Bill Clinton, in spite of his rather open friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and other individuals who have a rather questionable track record (never mind the track record Clinton himself has).

Clinton, however, enjoying blanket immunity as usual, is apparently spearheading the 13th annual CGI U Meeting at Howard University, because apparently the Clinton Foundation is the best equipped to serve as role models for tomorrow’s youth (extreme sarcasm).

That said, one certainly can’t be blamed for making this assumption without previous knowledge of the Clintons, given the rather brazen self-aggrandizement plastered all over the Clinton Foundation website for this event.

“From March 23-26, 2021, President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton will bring 600 student leaders from around the world together to take action on pressing challenges in their communities, for the 13th annual Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) meeting in partnership with Howard University.” [Source: The Clinton Foundation]

Yeah. How about the “pressing challenges” regarding the Harris-Obama-Biden takeover of America? And exactly which “action” will Clinton take? Note: A bunch of lip service does not constitute compelling actions.

Most troublingly of all, the apparent star event of this spectacle is the “one on one” chat between Clinton and Kamala, the exact one on one chat that has rightfully enraged McGowan.

Just consider the topic of the one-on-one chat below:

“A one-on-one conversation with President Clinton and Vice President Kamala Harris on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women, and empowering women and girls in the U.S. and around the world.” [Source: The Clinton Foundation]

Well, if that isn’t irony of ironies. Clinton and Kamala talking about “empowering women and girls,” despite the fact that neither has done anything terribly admirable to uplift them.

On the contrary, Clinton has done the exact opposite with regards to female empowerment, which is precisely why Rose McGowan shredded Kamala on Twitter.

“This is obscene @KamalaHarris. You speaking with Bill Clinton about empowering women & girls is disgusting. Have you no soul? Have you no ethics? Ask him about being on an island of human trafficking victims 27 times. You are showing us exactly who you are.” [Source: Fox News]

Amen! It will be interesting to see whether or not Kamala deigns to reply to McGowan, but it is quite clear that McGowan has not pulled the typical Hollywood nonsense, which primarily consists of silence regarding accusations against leftists, which contrasts nicely with screeching condemnations regarding accusations against conservatives.

Indeed, Kamala is not the first leftist politician that McGowan has set her sights on with regards to hypocrisy and abuse of women, as the celebrity has also openly blasted Cuomo, throwing her full support behind the women who have come forward regarding the governor’s antics.

For instance, McGowan defended Lindsey Boylan, the first accuser against Cuomo, without reservation.

“I completely stand by Lindsey Boylan. Its truth leaks from every word on the screen that she wrote … She, none of us, should endure what she endured. If they’re doing it to her, what are they doing to constituents? What is he going to do to what he considers the little people? It’s monstrous.” [Source: Fox News]

McGowan also noted that Cuomo’s continued power underscores the extent to which politics is corrupted, making no allowances for the fact that Cuomo is a blanket liberal.

“The fact that [Cuomo] was still doing it after the Weinstein allegations and during the #MeToo movement is egregious and disgusting … It just shows the level of sociopathy that those at the highest levels of power have.” [Source: Fox News]

Exactly. McGowan also indirectly reveals the “sociopathy” of Hollywood in its continued efforts to undermine conservatives while remaining silent about liberals.

Now if only more celebrities decide to ditch the hypocrisy, then perhaps deliberately blind Biden supporters will be forced to realize the error in their voting ways …

Author: Jane Jones

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