Kamala’s In Bed With The Cartel — Here’s Proof

John Kennedy, a GOP Senator from Louisiana, recently criticized Biden’s choice to put his VP, Kamala Harris, in charge of the border crisis. In a recent interview, Kennedy likened Biden’s decision to place Kamala in charge of the border to placing El Chapo in charge of the drugs crisis.

In addition, Kennedy also called for Biden to finish building the wall that Trump began, as well as to resuscitate one of Trump’s key border policies: Remain in Mexico.

Kennedy remarked upon the “mantra” from his Democratic peers, which basically centers on the belief that any form of vetting people’s backgrounds or enforcing America’s immigration laws apparently constitutes “racism.” 

However, Kennedy also commented that virtually every other nation in the world vets individuals before they enter their countries borders, further justifying Trump’s stance on immigration.

Kennedy concluded by remarking Americans are not opposed to legal immigration; however, they are generally opposed to illegal immigration.

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