Kamala’s Presidential Ambitions Generate Major Panic

If you think Biden is bad, just imagine how much worse things could get under the tyrannical rule of cackling Kamala.

Kamala, who can’t even bother to make a visit to the border that she and Biden have openly destroyed, is apparently feared to be making a serious run for the White House in 2024, if not even sooner, if various rumors regarding her potential 25th Amendment invocation are to be believed.

Biden repeatedly referring to Kamala as “President Harris” does not help these rumors.

Worst of all, the people who appear to fear a Kamala presidential bid are the very people who work for her, as evidenced by a report recently released by Business Insider.

“It’s a nightmare scenario for some former Harris staffers who watched nervously as their former boss ascended the national political stage … Many of them remain loyal Democrats and fans of Biden, but they didn’t want to see a boss with whom they’d had a bad experience become the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer …

Biden, at 78, was already the oldest person to assume the US presidency. He’ll be a few weeks shy of his 82nd birthday on Election Day 2024, and there’s already speculation six months into his term over whether he’ll run for reelection.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

“Speculation … over whether he’ll run for reelection?”

Never mind reelection, there’s already speculation as to whether or not Biden will make it entirely through his first term, never mind a second.

Biden’s gaffes have always been bad, but now they have declined to a point where he labels Putin as a “killer” while simultaneously claiming he is “deeply proud” of Hunter for reasons that remain unknown to literally everyone but him (perhaps, even including him).

On top of that, Biden also appears oblivious to the torrent of abuse that Kamala apparently reigns down upon her staff, though apparently her skin color (not to mention gender) is apparently more than a sufficient excuse to render her completely free of any culpability whatsoever, never mind a semblance of accountability.

“People are thrown under the bus from the very top, there are short fuses and it’s an abusive environment … It’s not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated. It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s***.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

How “progressive” indeed. Apparently, basic respect flies out the window, provided all the correct gender and color boxes are check, per the “unifying” Biden administration anyway.

However, what is really troubling is to look back at various critical commentaries over the past few months to see just how many rumors truly are floating about regarding the possibility of Kamala as president.

For instance, Douglass MacKinnon published an op-ed in The Hill in January 2021, before Trump even left office, pointing out that Biden is not exactly in an optimum mental state (of course, MacKinnon was quick to insist that Biden’s win was legitimate).

“Now, we all make misstatements and have occasional memory lapses. Yet it’s also a medical fact that memory lapses and mental confusion can increase with age. Before, during and after the election, Biden made a number of gaffes that perhaps we should not ignore or deny as we prepare to inaugurate the oldest president in our history …

If 2020 proved anything, it is that we live in a dangerous, unpredictable world. For that reason — and others — we need a president who is up to meeting any challenge. Might that mean that we’ll see Harris step into the presidency before the end of Biden’s term?”
[Source: The Hill]

Well then.

If leftwing journalists are writing that Americans “should not ignore or deny” Biden’s clear mental decline before he has even taken office, exactly what hope, if any, is there for the executive branch until 2024?

After all, who knows how many “pandemics” may be conjured in the meantime, all of which very well may serve as justification for suspending elections entirely …

One can only hope for a severe reckoning in the 2022 midterm elections … not to mention a miracle.

Author: Ofelia Thornton