Karma Finds Corrupt Official Who Cost Trump Election

In the aftermath of the 2020 Election, states across the country scrambled to fix their voting rules. Republican lawmakers, who dropped the ball last year, rushed to remove last-minute changes that essentially gave Joe Biden the win.

They closed loopholes and ended mail-in ballots. In some states, they passed tighter election requirements, sparking the wrath of the liberal elite. Democrats tried—and failed—to boycott Georgia over much-needed election changes. In other states, like Texas, they tried to stage a walkout to avoid a new voter bill from being passed.

Much has been happening in the state of Arizona. A sweeping audit of one county’s election results is ongoing. The results could have dramatic impacts on future elections. Now, the Republican-controlled legislature just ensured the sitting Democrat can no longer influence voting.

“The Republican-controlled State Legislature in Arizona voted Thursday to revoke the Democratic secretary of state’s legal authority in election-related lawsuits, handing that power instead to the Republican attorney general,” The New York Times reported.

The measure “shifted exclusive control over election lawsuits from Hobbs to Brnovich “but only through Jan. 2, 2023 — when the winners of the next elections for both offices would be about to take power,” the Times noted. “The aim is to ensure that the authority given to [Brnovich] would not transfer to any Democrat who won the next race for attorney general.”

Hobbs notably likened Trump supporters to “neo-Nazis” in 2017, before she took her position as secretary of state. [Source: Daily Wire]

Yeah, something tells me it’s good to take power from someone who called American citizens “neo-Nazis.” That’s just a smart thing to do. Anything that partisan, that full of toxic hatred for conservatives, has no right deciding the fate of elections.

The new decision strips election powers from an obviously entrenched Democrat who is opposed to any election reform. Hobbs opposed the current election audit in the state. She even tried to get Biden’s DOJ to interfere with the state’s activities, to stop the audit.

More and more, this secretary of state looks like a power-hungry dictator than a public official.

This change ensures that a partisan actor cannot influence election-related lawsuits in the state of Arizona. It ensures that the party controlling the legislature can approve of who is managing the elections, rather than letting a rogue secretary of state high jacking the process.

In numerous states, Democrat SOS’s or other election officials made last-minute rule changes, without approval of the state’s lawmakers. They opened the doors to possible widespread fraud, undermining the integrity of the election results.

Without major changes, like the ones taking place in Arizona, few citizens could trust our elections ever again.

Hopefully, more states will follow Arizona’s lead and secure their elections from left-wing fraud.

Author: Jason Smith