Kasich Betrays America At DNC With Outrageous Statements

In perhaps the most embarrassing assembly of virtual videos and vitriolic commentary ever assembled, the DNC got off to a terrible start last night, between the suddenly obedient Sanders and the omnipresent Obamas, not to mention all the increasingly intolerable (and intolerant) “celebrities.”

Of course, embittered Republicans that were no match for Trump in 2016 continue to run their mouths, with John Kasich arguing that November 2020 is a battle for “America’s soul.” In a stunning address, Kasich effectively described the Democratic Party’s tactics today, but he astonishingly argues that Trump, rather than the Democrats, are the one calling for division.

“Sometimes elections represent a real choice … about which path we want to take when it comes to challenging times …

America is at that crossroads today,” he continued. “The stakes in this election are greater than any in modern times. Many of us have been deeply concerned about the current path we have been following for the past four years. It’s a path that led to division, dysfunction, irresponsibility and growing vitriol between citizens. Continuing to follow that path will have consequences for America’s soul.” [Source: The Daily Caller]

Talk about melodrama. America’s soul? Really?

Did he not just hear one of the “squad” members literally demanding more unrest in the cities? How is such a call not one designed to cause dysfunction and irresponsibility?

The fact that Kasich can even lecture the United States about “division, dysfunction, [and] irresponsibility” now is frankly unbelievable. Exactly where does he think all this violence is occurring? Red states? Exactly who is telling the police to stand down? Republicans?

Furthermore, exactly who is saying “All Americans” rather than continuous race baiting? President Trump’s powerful July 4 speech left out divisive, racially tinged commentary and repeatedly stressed “all Americans.” Yet Trump is inexplicably labeled as the “racist,” despite absolutely zero evidence and his efforts to unite people.

Last time anyone checked, the only ones intent on stoking nonstop division are the ones who can only nab votes by promoting hate; the Democratic platform remains entirely unclear, but they’re so desperate now that they will say just about anything to try to take over the nation and plunder it for all its worth.

Ted Cruz had a vastly more logical take on the DNC than the sniveling snowflakes, noting that it was little more than a collective gathering of champagne socialists and limousine liberals who excel at nothing but impoverishing other people through breeding dependence and robbing them of the ability to ever get ahead.

“The Democrats today are the party of the rich,” Cruz said. “They’re the party of coastal elites. They’re the party of Manhattan and San Francisco… That’s who they’re trying to appeal to, is the radical left. When it comes to working men and women, when it comes to union members, when it comes to the Ohio steelworker, they were nowhere to be found.” [Source: Fox News]

Cruz is dead on accurate in his commentary on the steelworkers, as well as the entire United States barring the coastal “elites.” Furthermore, when individuals such as Ben Carson beat incredible odds to get ahead, the media goes on the attack, as a self-made individual is one of the greatest enemies of the Democratic Party.

President Trump, as usual, had it exactly right when he proclaimed that Kasich “was a loser as a Republican and he’ll be a loser as a Democrat.”

He had it even more right when he blasted the DNC as a “Hollywood-produced infomercial,” warning that the “radical socialist leftist takeover of Joe Biden is complete.”

Since China is keeping Hollywood afloat, once can only deduce the rather nefarious connotations of Hollywood’s involvement in politics. While the ultra-liberals in Hollywood have long been a joke lecturing the rest of the world on politics when most of them never even finished high school, they have gone from being highly annoying to downright dangerous in their provocation.

The greatest irony in Kasich’s statement is that the silent majority certainly do not dispute that this election is a battle for “America’s soul.” And it is true these stakes have never been higher in a time when more Americans support restricting speech and college students can’t handle the outcome of a democratic election (they are more than welcome to relocate to nations where the election result is predetermined, which, statistically speaking, is most of them).

However, the silent majority views the future of America a bit differently than Kasich. This election is ultimately a choice between freedom or enslavement. Liberty or death.

This November, it will be clear which path Americans want to take, and it is likely the silent majority will vote in favor of freedom and liberty over enslavement and death.

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