Kelly Loeffler Shreds Stacy Abrams In Brutal Verbal Attack

Kelly Loeffler, the former GOP Senator of Georgia, has assailed the Democrats over their massive “disinformation campaign” regarding the voting reform legislation that GOP Governor Brian Kemp recently signed.

Joe Biden blasted the legislation, also known as the Election Integrity Act, as “Jim Crow in the 21st century.” Moreover, he also supported resulting boycotts of the state, with the most prominent including the MLB, which recently moved its All Star Game out of the state. This move will cost Georgian businesses up to an estimated $100M in revenue losses.

Consequently, Loeffler criticized Biden’s commentary as “incredibly irresponsible.”

Per Loeffler, Biden merely repeated information that has been widely “promulgated by Stacey Abrams,” who is also encouraging a gargantuan, multimillion-dollar “misinformation campaign” in order “to raise millions for herself,” as well as the various “voting organizations” she presumably represents, all of which comes at the expense of “hardworking Georgians.” 

Loeffler also added that if Biden had “bothered to read the law,” he would have also observed that the Election Integrity Act actually increases integrity by expanding voting opportunities, particularly with regards to early voting. Moreover, Loeffler reiterated that the vast majority of Georgians “supported more safeguards” following the 2020 presidential election.

On her part, Abrams claimed that she was opposed to any boycott of activities within Georgia, though the MLB commissioner himself spoke with Abrams before making the ultimate decision to pull out of Atlanta.

Abrams’ influence has become so powerful that a grassroots movement, Stop Stacey, has contemplated “how much money” Abrams has incurred after the boycott that damages Georgian businesses, given the massive influx of donations she enjoyed shortly afterwards.

Noting that Abrams is likely raising money “for her own political ambitions” while Georgians “are set to lose millions,” the grassroots group highlighted the fact that Abrams’ “deceitful narrative” has ironically cost numerous “people of color” dependent on jobs in the small businesses that Abrams’ commentary has destroyed.

Abrams, along with Biden and other Democrat activists, chose to launch a full-scale misinformation campaign after the Election Integrity Act was passed, rather than actually reading the bill.