Key State Refuses To Investigate Widespread Fraud

By Beth Baumann November 9th, 2020 | Image Source : Townhall

Clark County, Nevada’s Registrar of Voters, Joe Gloria, on Saturday said his office received reports of voter fraud. His office plans to launch an investigation but it won’t happen until after the election.

“We do have some reports that have come in that we’re logging for reporting. But we’re definitely going to do an investigation, and we’ll deal with them once the canvass is finished,” Gloria said in a press conference Saturday when asked if he was aware of any voting issues, the Washington Examiner reported. “The votes are in the system at this point, so we’ll have to after the election, post-election, go after anything that’s been reported at this time.”

Even though Gloria said he was unaware of any reports of dead people voting, he said various reports have made it clear the state needs to go through and purge people from their rolls.

“We have several reports that come through with several entities to clean up our voter rolls,” he said.

According to American Conservative Union and CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp, who is on the ground in Nevada with the Trump campaign, there are multiple categories of fraud taking place.

Recently, a USPS worker in Las Vegas was caught on camera offering over a “handful” of blank ballots to an undercover journalist for Project Veritas.

Author: Beth Baumann

Source: Townhall: Clark County, NV Election Official: We Have Reports of Voter Fraud But Won’t Investigate… Yet

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