Lara Trump Wades Into Politics, See How …

Another Trump might be making their way towards a ballot near you, if the rumors flying around Lara Trump, Eric Trump’s wife, are true. Then again, since Eric has promoted many of the discussions regarding his wife’s possible political bid, suggesting that discussions and explorations are already deep underway, especially after Eric Trump made an appearance on Fox News.

“In an interview with Fox and Friends, Eric Trump confirmed suspicion that his wife is indeed considering a run in North Carolina’s upcoming Senate race. While she’s released no official statement on the matter, pundits have been quick to pencil Lara Trump on the ballot given her ties to the Tar Heel state and her undeniable name recognition.” [Source: Town Hall]

Thus, Lara is angling for the Senate seat in North Carolina, and this seat is particularly interesting in that it is presently filled with Richard Burr, another Republican. However, Burr announced that he would not be seeking his seat again in 2022, which leaves it wide open for another Republican contender.

And such a contender would certainly include Lara Trump, who has gathered significant political experience over the past five years. As a North Carolina native who studied communications at North Carolina State University, Lara also served in senior advisory roles throughout Trump’s tenure, including serving as a senior advisor for the president’s reelection committee.
Having accumulated the education, experience, and knowledge that she has, Lara is now logically angling for a seat that will be empty in 2022 regardless. She is not challenging an incumbent; she would simply be seeking to fill a seat that would otherwise be taken by another liberal, eager to till the Senate even more to the insane left.

In fact, Lara’s predecessor, Burr, could very well serve as a serious advantage for Lara, given that Burr was one of the Senators who voted Trump as “guilty” in the upcoming election. Needless to say, that vote did not exactly endear Burr to his constituents.

However, that same vote against Trump very well may make Lara even more popular, given her undisputed connection to Trump, who is still enjoying massive support from his base, much to the fake news media’s rage.

For this reason, Lindsey Graham recognized the likely outcome for Lara, given Burr’s disastrous decision to vote Trump as “guilty” for the Capitol Hill riots.

“The biggest winner… of this whole impeachment trial is Lara Trump … My dear friend Richard Burr — who I like and have been friends to a long time —just made Lara Trump almost a certain nominee for the Senate seat in North Carolina to replace him.” [Source: Town Hall]

Graham also spoke high praises about Lara, indicating that he would throw his full support behind her Senate bid.

“If she runs, I certainly will be behind her, because I think she represents the future of the Republican Party.” [Source: Town Hall]

Can’t get much more of a glowing endorsement than that, an endorsement that will undoubtedly propel Lara to the political forefront of politics.

Sadly, the fake news media assailed Lara constantly, merely for being connected to Donald Trump. Even though it took a serious toll on her family, which Lara herself related.

“We’ve been dealing with it for almost two years now. I’d love to say that it gets easier, it doesn’t get easier.” [Source: Town Hall]

Lara has also credited Trump for helping her become more involved in politics, which has inspired her to continue her political pursuits.

“Though I had no political experience, he believed in me … He knew I was capable, even if I didn’t.” [Source: People]

In other words, Trump inspired Lara just as he has inspired millions of Americans, as well as countless millions around the globe. Hopefully, Lara may announce soon …

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