Larry Elder Zeros In On Tyrant Newsom

Gavin Newsom, the Democrat governor of California, has recently become more aggressive towards Larry Elder, his Republican challenger, as the polls demonstrate Newsom’s support ebbing in the wake of the current gubernatorial recall election taking place across the state.

Newsom recently assailed Elder by associating him with Trump during a recent campaign event, which was held at a Mexican restaurant on Saturday.

Newsom pointed out that “we defeated Trump,” but he also added that “we didn’t defeat Trumpism,” in a clear reference to Larry Elder.

Newsom persisted in his oblique attacks on Elder by adding, “Trumpism is still alive and well,” even across California, which is a generally liberal state.

“If you don’t believe me, just consider,” Newsom continued,” noting that Larry Elder is the most “likely” candidate to assume the governor’s office in just a few weeks if Californians ultimately do not reject the recall of the governor.

Elder is an enormously popular, conservative talk show host who originates from Los Angeles. During a recent fundraising email campaign, the ultra-leftist Newsom claimed that Elder was only 2 percentage points away from becoming the next governor of California.

“Hear this,” Newsom brayed in one of the e-mails, “Larry Elder is just 2 points from being our next governor.”

“Sorry to scare you,” Newsom continued in the email, “but it’s true.”

At this point in time, Newsom only needs a total of 50 percent of the total votes in order to stay in office. However, due to the way in which the election is run, Elder does not need to gain 50 percent of votes in order to win; instead, he only needs to obtain a significant plurality amongst all the challengers to Newsom if Newsom ultimately loses.

According to a poll released by Inside California Politics, only 48 percent of registered voters in the state of California would vote to keep Newsom in office. This figure is only 2 percent more than 46 percent of voters who state that they will vote Newsom out.

In addition, a poll released from CBS YouGov also determined that Newsom faces an enormous issue with enthusiasm. While Democrat voters far outnumber Republican voters in the state, the GOP voters are the ones who indicate the most excitement about voting in the upcoming recall election.

Elder has widely announced that he will oppose COVID vaccines, as well as mask mandates, if he is ultimately elected governor.

“Assuming there are still [mask] mandates,” as well as “vaccine mandates,” upon getting elected, “they will be repealed right away,” Elder proclaimed to his supporters.

“Then I’ll break for breakfast,” he added.

The official recall election against Newsom will take place on September 14.