Lawmakers Call For Critical Cognitive Test

Approximately 40 Republican legislators are urging President Joe Biden to undergo a cognitive test, especially given how clearly his “forgetfulness” and “mental decline” have escalated over the past coupled of years.

According to a letter signed by 38 legislators, Biden is strongly encouraged to undergo a cognitive test, especially since such a test should occur regardless of one’s political affiliation, race, or age.

“Presidents should follow the example set by former President [Donald] Trump,” the letter continues, “and demonstrate sound mental abilities.”

Biden, who is aged 79, apparently underwent a physical exam in late November, though it remains unclear whether or not he took a cognitive test. Regardless, this exam also caught the attention of the group.

“You either did not have a cognitive test or those results were withheld from the public,” the letter remarked wryly.

The authors of the letter do not appear concerned by potential backlash, adding that they remain “worried about [Biden’s] cognitive health,” as well as his “mental abilities.”

The commentary from White House Physician Kevin O’Connor also failed to be inspirational, in that he attested to the supposed fact that Biden was “fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.”

However, O’Connor’s flippant attitude is precisely why attention on the Biden administration has intensified, especially given its insistence on “following the science.” A cognitive test would be part of such “science.”

“The American people should have absolute confidence in their President,” the authors proclaimed, adding that “full transparency” was vital for having trust that the president will perform the divergent duties of Commander in Chief and Head of State.

The authors also assert that their request is not “unprecedented,” especially since the media and numerous other entities demanded a cognitive test from Trump, which he obliged to in order to demonstrate his capabilities.

Trump subsequently received a Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA), wherein “he excelled.”

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson rallied 38 Republicans into sending the letter.

“I was a White House physician to three U.S. Presidents,” Jackson remarked, “and I can tell you something isn’t right with [the president’s] cognitive state.”