Leftist Governor Demands Taxpayer Dollars To Fund Illegal ‘Suffering’

Kate Brown (D-OR), the Governor or Oregon, has recently remarked upon what she perceives to be the primary contributing factors to various disasters Oregon has endured over the past several months. Predictably, Brown proclaimed that climate change is responsible for the problems currently ailing Oregonians.

Claiming that the state has been working at length “to prepare for climate change … for a number of years,” she added that the “unprecedented” 3-day heat wave is evidence of climate change, adding that 90 Oregonians tragically lost their lives.

Brown also proceeded to declare that the massive heat wave is likely just the start of a major crisis in Oregon.

She noted that the state has “literally had four emergency declarations” that rise to the federal level over the past 15 months, citing the Labor Day wildfires as one major disaster. The “horrific wildfires” were “historic,” and they resulted in the loss of over 1M acres, 4000+ homes, and nine lives.

Per Brown, the purported climate change is hardly the only issue that is challenging the state at the moment. She strongly implied that Oregon demonstrates shades of racism by suggesting communities filled with people of color are more likely to be poor, which makes them far more vulnerable to natural disasters.

For this reason, Brown claims that state funds should focus more extensively on working with its non-white residents.

Brown proclaimed that it “is really, really clear” that minority communities have been “disproportionately impacted” due to the natural disasters and COVID pandemic, which is why the state apparently must “center the voices of black and brown and indigenous people at the forefront of our work as we do emergency preparedness.”

However, Brown is not only targeting Oregon relief programs for her proposed operational reforms, especially since she believes that FEMA presents largely unacceptable standards regarding disaster relief. FEMA is also known as the Federal Disaster Management Authority, and it is responsible for helping American citizens in various situations related to natural disasters.

Brown, on the other hand, believes that FEMA benefits should be extended to non-residents and non-citizens, claiming that undocumented illegals constitute the most important residents in her state.

Brown claimed that several undocumented illegals lost their homes during natural disasters, and she raged about the fact that “FEMA does not provide aid or assistance to these families.”

Claiming that FEMA’s stance is “absolutely unacceptable,” she added that the illegal migrants “are so much a part of our communities,” as well as “the backbone of [Oregon’s] economy” and “the heart and soul of [Oregon’s] culture.”

Brown also continued onwards to other major Democrat talking points, including negative commentaries about law enforcement. Per Brown, police departments need a “culture change” in order to address racial injustice issues.