Leftist Mayor Doubles Down On Brazen Racism

Lori Lightfoot, the ultra-leftist Mayor of Chicago, has doubled down on her brazenly racist policy, wherein she refused speak to white reporters. During a discussion with Kara Swisher, a “Sway” host, Lightfoot proclaimed that she was fully justified in choosing to accept interviews from non-White journalists only.

“I would absolutely do it again,” Lightfoot boldly proclaimed, in spite of the fact that Swisher herself is White.

Lightfoot also insisted that she remains completely “unapologetic” of her racist policies, as these policies presumably sparked “a very important conversation,” which, per Lightfoot, “needed to happen.”

Lightfoot also whined that the “conversation” should have occurred “a long time ago.”

When Swisher questioned Lightfoot to offer a bit more detail regarding her position, Lightfoot asserted that she is “Black” and a “woman mayor.” After emphasizing that Chicago constitutes the third-largest city in the nation, Lightfoot went on to proclaim that she has “a platform,” which means that she finds it “important” to “advocate” various causes and issues that she thinks are of great importance.

Lightfoot also remarked that the media is enduring “incredible upheaval and disruption,” but she also bitterly complained that the City Hall press corps in Chicago apparently “looks like it’s 1950 or 1970.”

Ironically, the only way in which Lightfoot may have a remote point about 1950 is the fact that Lightfoot herself is brazenly requiring racist discrimination within her own city’s press corps. The only difference is that 1950 would have featured a White individual banning Black journalists, though by 2021, Lightfoot has reversed the situation entirely, trading one inexcusable form of racism for another.

Which is precisely why most serious politicians would never advocate the racist lunacy promoted by Lightfoot.

Furthermore, if Lightfoot really was interesting in “sparking a conversation,” she should frankly take note of the lawless criminals that have overtaken the city, especially in the wake of last summer’s riots. However, Lightfoot apparently prefers to fixate on divisiveness, utterly ignoring abject violence, including the violence that has hurt Black business owners.

Furthermore, Lightfoot would have eschewed demonizing Trump for offering to help Chicago fight against the rising crime wave by sending in the National Guard. Humorously, Lightfoot has now sought federal assistance from Biden to help address massive crime.

Lightfoot’s ultra-leftism has been fueled by countless youthful Black men who are repeatedly killed by gang members across her city on an annual basis.

And while efforts at the federal level have been made to stem the tide of rising crime, it is long since time that Lightfoot follows suit, rather than fixating on White reporters.