Leftist Mayor Faces The Consequences Of Her Actions

Lori Lightfoot, the liberal mayor of Chicago, has recently requested for Joe Biden to send federal troops to the city due to an increasing crime wave. Interestingly, Lightfoot previously rejected the same offer from Donald J. Trump.

Lightfoot personally greeted Biden at the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago earlier this week, and during this meeting, she requested assistance from the president. This request comes as Chicago saw well over 100 shootings during the July 4 holiday, which is the deadliest weekend the city has encountered in 2021.

Lightfoot noted that Chicago and its residents awoke to a city that has started to reel “yet again from another night of violence.” Lightfoot also added that the attacks were not only against Chicago residents, but also against individuals who had been “sworn to protect” the city, likely alluding to law enforcement officers.

Of the 100+ shootings, at least 13 children were involved, as well as three different police officers.

Lightfoot argued that all residents of Chicago need to be united, as well as committed to reducing crime. She also added that everyone within the federal government, as well as other branches below the federal government, “must do their part to address this scourge of violence.”

Ironically, Lightfoot had rejected Trump’s offer to send federal troops last July, claiming that accepting the offer would “spell disaster.”

Back in 2020, Lightfoot claimed that Chicago would “certainly” become less safe if a number of federal agents were deployed to the city. Lightfoot referred to such assistance as “militarized assistance within our borders,” and she also claimed that the assistance would be outside of politicians control.

Moreover, Lightfoot claimed that federal law enforcement would apparently endanger residents in Chicago.

However, now the violence in Chicago “is a national problem,” according to Lightfoot.

She argued that cities cannot fight the problem alone, and she also claims that Chicago itself has “done absolutely everything possible,” why is why the city now needs help from the federal government to keep its crime levels under control.

Lightfoot also claims that “guns are so porous” that they can easily cross the border into Illinois, as an explanation for why a city with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation would continue to suffer from extensive gun violence.

The Department of Justice responded favorably to Lightfoot’s request, observing that it will find and “disrupt” the various channels in which guns may enter the state, which will apparently help “keep communities safe.”