Leftist Mayor Turns On Teachers Union

According to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago has invested “hundreds of millions” of dollars in keeping schools safe and operational, which is precisely why she blasted the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) for staging “an illegal walk-out,” as well as “[abandoning] kids and their families.”

In remarks on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Lightfoot proclaimed, “to be clear, what the Chicago Teachers Union did was an illegal walk-out.”

The Chicago Mayor also blasted teachers for “[abandoning] kids and their families,” as well as for the abandonment of their teaching posts.

While Lightfoot is striving to ensure that Chicago’s students return to school, she has blasted the CTU for its abandonment of science in favor of politicking.

Lightfoot continues to try to get Chicago’s kids back in school, which is why she is calling out the CTU for politicking to “abandon the science.”

The mayor remarked that a deal is possible if good will exists “on both sides,” though she added that “what we [fundamentally] cannot do is abandon the science.” Lightfoot added that schools comprise the safest places for children and youth, which is exactly why the city has invested considerable resources into school safety.

“[Schools] are safe,” Lightfoot proclaimed, “we’ve got the data to demonstrate that.”

Noting that the CTU needs “to get real,” Lightfoot observed it is important for the union to become serious about returning to in-person learning.

Debates regarding in-person learning have persisted for years, and the leftist mayor appears to have surprisingly adopted the conservative stance of keeping students in school, particularly in light of “an unprecedented level of parent activism.”

Lightfoot noted that “parents are outraged,” and that outrage has become widely apparent to the teachers union. Consequently, “a very different dynamic than ever before” currently exists in the school district.

“They are protesting, [and] they’re holding press conferences,” Lightfoot detailed, which is part of the “unprecedented level of parent activism” in favor of “returning to in-person learning.”

As a result, the union-sanctioned walkout not only adversely impacts students, including their “emotional welfare” and “social welfare,” but also upon “the families themselves,” Lightfoot charged.

“[Walkouts are] making them have tenuous financial status because they have to work, but they also have to take care of their kids,” the mayor continued, remarking that the current situation is “completely” and “utterly” preventable.

“I’m going to be on the side of the parents,” Lightfoot declared, adding that her office is “working like the dickens” to secure a deal with the relentless teachers union.