Leftist Mayor Viciously Smears White House Press Secretary

By Nick Givas July 17, 2020 | Image Source : Fox News

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany a “Karen” on Twitter Thursday, after reportedly being called a “derelict mayor” during a press briefing.

White House correspondent for Time Magazine Brian Bennett originally mentioned the slight on his Twitter account, before the message was picked up by Lightfoot.

“White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany just called Lori Lightfoot ‘the derelict mayor of Chicago’ and said she should request federal help to secure the city,” he wrote.

Lightfoot, a Democrat, followed up with her own tweet which referred to McEnany as “Karen” — a pejorative term that has come to prominence to label a demanding, middle-aged white woman who displays a sense of overbearing entitlement in various societal confrontations.

“Hey, Karen. Watch your mouth,” the mayor wrote.

Author: Nick Givas

Source: Fox News: Chicago’s Lightfoot calls White House’s McEnany a ‘Karen’ after reported ‘derelict mayor’ slight

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