Leftist State Faces Depopulation Crisis

California is experiencing one of the greatest deficits in its population in recent memory, particularly in the past year, as revealed by a new study. Fewer people are moving to the state than before, especially after the pandemic began, and the number of individuals leaving California continues to increase.

“I guess I was a little bit surprised to see that entrances had fallen so much,” Evan White remarked to KCRA.

White, who is the co-author of the California Police Lab study, remarked that “it wasn’t so much that we saw [the population decrease] in a particular area,” noting that the most surprising element of the study was that massive reductions in the state’s population represent “a statewide phenomenon.”

According to White’s study, the end of September 2021 saw a 38 percent decrease in the number of individuals opting to move to California, relative to the end of March 2020. Moreover, the study also determined that the number of residents leaving the state has increased by 12 percent.

While the 12 percent increase of residents fleeing the Democrat-dominated state is significant, White remarks that the “bigger story” pertains to the significant decline in individuals moving to California.

The most significant changes in population were observed in the San Francisco Bay Area, which witnessed a 45 percent decrease in new residents from other states, coupled with a 12 percent increase in residents departing for other states.

In addition, Sacramento County, which is home of the state’s capital, witnessed a 33 percent decrease in individuals moving in to the state, with 13 percent of residents electing to live in other states.

In general, every region of California witnessed anywhere from a 25 to 45 percent decrease in new residents who originate from other states.

It is not only individuals leaving California, as multiple businesses have also taken flight to more business-friendly climates, notably Texas and Florida.

For instance, Disney recently announced that it would relocate 2,000 employees from California to Florida, given the latter’s “business-friendly climate.”

Governor Gavin Newsom did not reply to Fox News regarding the results of the study.