Leftist States Lose Power — And It’s No One’s Fault But Their Own

While Biden has pushed the nation into a sea of misery ever since his sparsely attended, fully militarized inauguration, some of the best news, if not the best news, of 2021 has just been released as a result of the census.

In a nutshell, Democrats have effectively regulated away their own constituents, given that New York and California, undoubtedly some of the most elitist of elitist states, had their you-know-whats handed to them in the form of losing seats in the House. On top of that, anti-police Illinois and Michigan also lost seats. Hip, hip, hooray!

In other words, fewer spaces for Squad wannabes to fill.

While the 2020 election was scary in terms of the Squad’s expansion, it will be a bit harder to keep expanding the Squad when the Democrats keep excelling at losing seats.

On the contrary, states like Florida and Texas gained seats in the house, which coincidentally happened to be Trump strongholds in 2020. Even better, Texas gained two seats, which means two additional representatives from a land of sanity, common sense, and (who woulda thunk it?) freedom.

In other words, more spaces for MAGA and Patriots to fill.

To be clear, this news is phenomenal for Republicans and downright dreadful for Communists (er, “Democrats”).

In fact, it is so dreadful for the leftists that they’re already ranting, raving, and, you guessed it … challenging the legitimacy of the census. And of course they are doing so all over Twitter, which curiously isn’t “fact checking” a single one of them.”

However, their outrage is so inane that one can almost be grateful to utterly self-involved Dorsey for failing to fact check the left (intentionally), given that their comments are just too good to be removed.

Frankly, some of them should make the history books, if only to illustrate the words of one of the most intellectually deficient parties the United States has ever seen. Just consider some of the following tantrums below:

Lefty 1 apparently went full out in calling everything “illegitimate” (without evidence, of course).

“TFG was an illegitimate POTUS. He asked for and received help from an enemy of the United States, to obtain the office & abused it while he held it … Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett are illegitimate … Our census count is illegitimate … Governors Kemp and DeSantis are …” [Source: Townhall]

Apparently Lefty 1 became so enraged “they” forgot to finish their sentence. Needless to say, the argument above is not terribly persuasive.

Also needless to say, Lefty 2 apparently forgot the danger of a Democrat-run public indoctrination (er, “school”) system often comes with graduating clueless youth whose primary career goals appear to be part-time rioting against the government and full-time leeching from the government.

“Folks tried to tell y’all to fill out the Census. We warned you that not doing so could cost your state financial resources and power. And this shift is locked in for TEN YEARS. Civics, people. Civics….” [Source: Townhall]

Sorry Lefty 2.

Remember how the Democrats are trying their darndest to eliminate Civics, not to mention basic American history, in favor of fiction like Project 1619 and hate-filled rhetoric like “critical race theory”?

Looks like “critical race theory” didn’t place a very critical emphasis on civic responsibility.

However, among all the outraged lefty replies, more than one logical response emerges in the furor, which makes their rantings and ravings all the more ridiculous.

For instance, Twitter user Matt Whitlock points out the rather obvious issue with lefties continuing to blame Trump while Trump chills out (literally) on an island.

“This is my favorite census take … Imagine arguing that Trump is responsible for
New York losing a Congressional seat, not the terrible COVID polices, defund the police nonsense, or outrageous taxes.” [Source: Townhall]

Now THAT is funny.

Sounds like lefties need to show a little accountability for their own braindead policies. In particular the part where they declined to think about long-term ramifications, but what more is to be expected from a party that runs on hate?

Oh, yeah, King Lebron, where’s that “accountability” you’re ranting and raving about?

Oh that’s right, you’re too busy being schooled by police officers on TikTok now, who are frankly far funnier and more engaging than your hateful demeanor could ever hope to be. Not to mention of much greater service to the nation.

Good going, lefties. While they are dangerous in many ways, it is quite clear that prescience and foresight are sorely lacking amongst the comrades.

One thing is for sure: 2022 Midterms just got a whole lot more interesting …

Author: Jane Jones