Leftists Call For Violence Against The Court

Well, the left really has pulled out all the stops with Roe v. Wade now, haven’t they?

After all, the utterly illiterate governor of California, Gavin Newsom, who apparently didn’t even bother to read the actual draft, has already declared that he will “fight like hell” to preserve “women’s reproductive rights.”

Amazing how transgender-obsessed leftists can suddenly define “women” when it suits them.

Especially when the most recent Supreme Court nominee apparently couldn’t.

What’s even more amazing is how eager leftists really are to “fight like hell,” as demanded by none other than COVID protocol-violating Newsom.

Apparently, nothing short of death is acceptable for Supreme Court justices.

Conservative ones, that is, as evidenced by another angry, aimless snowflake’s tweet.

“Reporter” Simon Gwynn, eager to show off his apparent (lack of) prowess from a freshman philosophy class likely “taught” by a woke, debt-laden TA with no teaching experience, issued an utterly despicable tweet that openly called for the execution of conservative Supreme Court justices.

“Interesting real life trolley problem in America now. If you had the chance to kill Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, the two oldest right wing Supreme Court judges, should you do it while Biden can get his nominees to replace them confirmed?” Gwynn queried on Twitter.

“Interesting” that Mr. Gwynn thinks he is so deep and intellectual by referencing the “trolley problem,” which appears in virtually all philosophy classes … at the freshman level in a university.

Given the infantile level at which Gwynn thinks and writes, it is highly likely that the “reporter” either didn’t graduate or is presently laden with debt. Or both.

After all, the most original analogy he could come up with is the trolley problem? Seriously? That’s been overused about 100,000+ times by now.

In a nutshell, the “trolley problem” involves the following moral dilemma: Whether or not to sacrifice or kill one person in order to save many. Hardly a revolutionary ethical dilemma.

Furthermore, one does wonder exactly how abortion can remotely factor into the so-called “trolley problem,” considering the fact that calling for the killings of conservative Supreme Court justices in order to preserve “the human right” of abortion does not exactly illuminate which, if any, lives are to be saved.

At least lives are actually saved in the “theoretical” trolley problem, but ultra-leftists tend to be dreadful at real-life applications.

Which is why they go to their dark, angry, debt-laden basements to call for the death of other people who have actually done something with their lives. And somehow managed to not openly call for the assassinations of Supreme Court justices in doing so.

No wonder Chief Justice John Roberts has pursued an investigation into the leak, especially since the leak is apparently inciting calls for assassination.

Senator Marsha Blackburn is certainly pleased he did, and she, like many others, is hoping for a real trial, or real accountability.

“Chief Justice [John] Roberts is right to move forward with having the marshal of the court investigate this. All resources the marshal needs, we’re going to make available … what they did is wrong. They should be prosecuted and punished to the level allowable,” Blackburn declared.

Additionally, it appears the leaker is about as intelligent as Mr. Gwynn, which was evident when Blackburn detailed exactly how easy it should be to catch the leaker.

“Each justice has four law clerks,” Blackburn detailed, “so you would know what printer this was printed from, scanned, and given over to Politico.”

Hopefully the FBI won’t get involved.

Otherwise, they’re highly likely to bury the leaker just like they buried the Hunter Biden laptop story, to the grave detriment of national security.

Unless the leaker is inexplicably a conservative, of course. Then they’ll probably be all over it, perhaps even starting up yet another department in the DHS to spy on Supreme Court conservative clerks.

Even more ridiculously, the activist leaker, along with nitwit Newsom, apparently just don’t have a clue in many regards, as they mistakenly think that the likely decision bans abortion. Either that, or they are deliberately misrepresenting a mistaken impression.

Which Blackburn sets straight.

“This also does not ban abortion, which they’re also saying … That is not true. It sends the issue of abortion back to the states for rules and regulations,” Blackburn remarked.

How dare states have the right to make their own laws …

Apparently, the almighty federal government, per some leftists, is worth killing for.

Scary times …

Author: Jane Jones