Leftists Push Serious Changes In Supreme Court, See Why…

Democrats are currently moving towards creating legislation that would expand the Supreme Court, namely by adding four additional justices to the existing nine who are presently serving. The specifics of this legislation are anticipated to be revealed by Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Senator Ed Market (D-MS).

Less than a week ago, Biden signed an executive order that would enable the formation of a commission designed to study the potential of adding additional seats to the Supreme Court, which explains the widely discussed proposal now. However, Biden also served for several years as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, wherein he long expressed opposition to packing the Supreme Court.

For instance, during a 2019 interview with a local station in Iowa, Biden noted that he was both unprepared and unwilling to pack the Supreme Court. Moreover, he doubled down on his stance once again this past October.

Now, Democrats argue that this bill will help restore balance to the Supreme Court, which currently holds a conservative majority. On the other hand, Republicans firmly oppose court packing and have warned against partisan assaults on the independence of the nation’s highest judiciary body.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AZ) also observed that this proposal is likely an attempt to manipulate the Supreme Court justices into issuing liberal rulings with greater frequency.

Biden’s proposed commission will have three dozen members, who will purportedly hold public meetings to seek opinions from experts and inquiries from interested entities. In addition, this 36-member commission will have six months, of 180 days, to finish a report regarding the Supreme Court issue.

However, this proposal will likely fail, given that some moderate Democrats and virtually all Republicans oppose expanding the Supreme Court.