Leftists Rage Against America On Independence Day

Even on Independence Day, which should be one of the most unifying days of all for Americans, Democrats apparently cannot control their increasingly brazen hatred of America.

Instead of taking the opportunity to unite, they opted to divide.

Unsurprisingly, ultra-antipolice, not to mention ultra-angry Maxine Waters, was sure to rage against the Declaration of Independence exactly 245 years after it was signed.

“July 4th… & so, the Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal. Equal to what? What men? Only white men? Isn’t it something that they wrote this in 1776 when African Americans were enslaved? They weren’t thinking about us then, but we’re thinking about us now!” [Source: Breitbart]

Waters, do us all a favor and get over yourself.

Like many loudmouth Democrats who are presumed representatives of the United States, Waters apparently can’t resist stoking up as much hate, tension, and division as possible.

All within the hallowed halls of Capitol Hill of course, where supposed leftist lawmakers routinely disengage from reality.

And while one might hope for the likes of Waters to be ushered out imminently, new radical leftists have emerged to keep up the rhetoric of hate, including Representative Jamaal Bowman.

Apparently, he has “the full story” on American history. Just ask him.

“Let us reflect on the full story of America today. Black people were not freed in 1776. Despite a system stacked against us, we must continue to use our collective power to change that system.”[Source: Breitbart]

“A system stacked against us.”


Considering that mediocre athletes kneeling instead of standing receive multimillion dollar deals from Nike (cough, Kaepernick, cough), not to mention police officers are put on trial before the perpetrators ever are, it is difficult to see how the system is presently “stacked” against certain groups.

Of course, one of the newest additions to the ghastly Squad, Cori Bush, had to go even more radical.

According to the disturbingly uneducated Bush, Black people in the United States “still aren’t free.”

“When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this: the freedom they’re referring to is for White people. This land is stolen land and Black people still aren’t free.”[Source: Fox News]

It is very hard to see exactly what Bush means by “still aren’t free,” but it is also easy to see that a representative who communicates primarily in hateful tweets never has to explain any reasoning for anything.

Just whip up the mob, engage in looting with impunity, and then congratulate yourself on social media, otherwise known as one of the greatest ideological echo chambers of all time.

Some other individuals became even more aggressive against the United States, including former fake news TV hosts.

According to “Toure,” former MSNBC anchor, Independence Day is apparently “wrapped up” in slavery.

“F–k Independence Day. Not only were we not free, the whole reason the Colonies wanted independence was because Britain was moving toward abolishing slavery. Why would Black people celebrate a day so wrapped up in our enslavement?” [Source: Fox News]

Well, Toure, the UK would likely welcome you and your hate with open arms, certainly the leftist politicians would, so you are more than welcome to head over across the pond at any point in time.

Speaking of fake news, apparently the New York Times felt compelled to publish an opinion piece, “A Fourth of July Symbol of Unity That May No Longer Unite.”

Among the many gems in the article, one of the most absurd is the blatant criticism of the American flag.

“Today, flying the American flag from the back of a pickup truck or over a lawn is increasingly seen as a clue, albeit an imperfect one, to a person’s political affiliation in a deeply divided nation.”[Source: Fox News]

Let’s get something straight, fake news: The “deeply divided nation” is a direct result of the fake news media’s deeply divisive, brainwashing commentary, NOT the American flag.

That said, blaming the flag is a great way to deflect, as always, the standard Democrat way.

Fortunately, notable Black Americans who do love the United States have already called out Ms. Bush for her incendiary remarks, including Darrell B. Harrison, a podcast host.

Even more refreshingly, Harrison didn’t bother with any political correctness.

Instead, he opted for the truth.

“Cori Bush is an angry black woman—a very angry black woman. Her anger is eating her alive from the inside out. I pity her because the ‘freedom’ she seeks is not the freedom she needs. As such, freedom will continue to evade her as long as she carries that anger within her heart.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

One can only hope the entire Democrat party will eventually be freed from the anger, though judging from the deluge of anti-American hate yesterday, it is hard to say when or if that will ever occur.

Author: Ofelia Thornton