“Let’s Go Brandon” Rapper Has The Last Laugh

“Let’s Go Brandon,” a highly popular anti-Biden rap song produced by rapper Bryson Gray, has recently been banned from YouTube and Instagram. According to YouTube, the song contained “medical misinformation,” whereas Instagram claimed the song contained “harmful false information.”

The phrase “let’s go Brandon” has become a viral hit after NASCAR race where multiple fans chanted “f— Joe Biden.” An NBC reporter covering the event scrambled to cover for the president by claiming that the crowd was merely chanting, “let’s go Brandon.”

Gray weighed in on the ban, observing that YouTube banned the song for alleged “medical misinformation.”

“What medical misinformation is in the song?” Gray exclaimed.

As reported by Fox News, Gray noted that the lyric version of the song was initially banned, though it was shortly followed by the actual music video itself.

Once Grey tweeted about his mystification regarding the ban, tech support at YouTube claimed that they would “re-review” the song, though the rapper has yet to hear back from the tech platform.

Ironically, after Gray’s song was banned, it promptly soared to #1 on iTunes, per data from PopVortex rankings.

The rapper promptly took to social media to celebrate the victory over censorship from big tech, exclaiming that “Let’s Go Brandon” moved from being “banned on YouTube” to becoming “the #1 song in the country.”

“Stop being afraid of censorship,” Gray urged, “stop being afraid to be cancelled.”

“KEEP IT GOING!” he added.

Gray was also amused by Instagram blocking his song, observing, “cute, but it’s too late.”

In a Fox News appearance, Gray was bemused by YouTube and Instagram’s aggressive censorship, wondering why he has become “the most censored rapper in the country” when he does not even curse in his music.

Gray’s album, “Letters to Church” uses no profanity whatsoever, with each and every word “based on scripture.”

Gray also queried why other rappers can sing about drugs, murder, and sexual escapades with no repercussions, but once he started “questioning the government” via “Let’s go Brandon,” his music was promptly censored.

Throughout the song, Gray raises many valid points regarding Biden’s disastrous presidency, including the astonishing withdrawal from Afghanistan and handling of the COVID pandemic. Gray also references Biden’s questionable cognitive ability.