Liberal Media Does 180-Degree Turn On Riots

In perhaps the most hilarious example of leftist hypocrisy yet, Lemon has suddenly realized that violent riots and mass deaths, not to mention constant threats of lockdowns over one or two mild cases of COVID-19, are not the greatest way to attract voters to Biden, whose campaign appears to be based entirely on attacks on Trump and all his supposed activity with the Obama administration.

What’s even more hilarious is that Lemon is so comfortable in his ideological echo chamber that he was actually thick enough to admit that the riots should stop because of “polls” and “focus groups.”

“The rioting has to stop” Lemon said. “It’s showing up in the polling. It’s showing up in focus groups. It is the only thing right now that is sticking.” [Source: Fox News]

Yes, you read that correctly. The riots shouldn’t stop because the families of the victims have publicly begged criminals to stop committing violent crime in their loved ones’ names. The riots shouldn’t stop because hundreds upon hundreds of innocent people have been killed and police have been the target of extreme violence for months. The riots shouldn’t stop because thousands upon thousands of businesses are destroyed and many Americans have become afraid to leave their homes.

According to all the wisdom of Lemon, which, to be fair, is representative of the extent of wisdom at CNN in general, the riots should stop because it’s really affecting polls and focus groups. The elitist is likely unaware of the fact that most of the criminals he’s goaded for months probably have no clue what a focus group even is, which means his wording will not compute in the mind of someone always looking for an excuse to perpetuate violence.

Lemon made matters even worse for himself by stating the abundantly obvious.

“I think this is a blind spot for Democrats,” Lemon said. “I think Democrats are ignoring this problem or hoping that it will go away. And it’s not going to go away.” [Source: Fox News]

Eh, you think? Of course all the riots are not going to “go away” when the Democrats are the one calling for all the riots in the first place.

Just back in July, Lemon went head to head with Terry Crews, who challenged the BLM Movement after it remained completely silent on the deaths of the children in the wake of the riots. After tweeting that all black lives matter, the apparently offended, and quite privileged Lemon, called Crews onto his show. Crews still held firm to his position.

“There are a lot of great, great people there who are held hostage, who are held hostage by people who literally are running these neighborhoods with violence, and then claiming that Black lives matter,” he continued. “It’s got to be all Black lives matter.” [Source: Washington Times]

Lemon, still refusing the recognize the riots for the reality they really are, retorted that BLM is “just about police” to Crews, though one might wonder exactly what connection exists between Chanel on 5th Avenue and police brutality. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Lemon from launching into his absurd commentary and tacit defense of BLM.

In response to the deaths of the children, Lemon had nothing to offer but this:

“But that’s not what Black Lives Matter is about … It’s not an all-encompassing. … The Black Lives Matter movement is about police brutality and injustice in that manner, not about what is happening in Black neighborhoods. There are people who are working on that issue. And if you want to start that issue, why don’t you start it?” [Source: Washington Times]

Nice one, Lemon. So, not only is Crews wrong, but he also apparently needs to “start” working on the issue. Given that one tweet got Crews a national platform, it is safe to say Crews has done more to “start” real change than perpetually furious leftists like Lemon ever will.

Apparently, it also hasn’t occurred to Lemon that there is a correlation between what is happened in Black neighborhoods and what is happening the police incidents, but it likely would be difficult for Lemon to imagine from his throne on the Communist News Network.

Regardless, reviewing that incident in context of his most recent pleas, is just another example of total leftist phoniness and hypocrisy. The hypocrisy was already sickening when quarantine orders apparently didn’t apply to criminals but it did apply to church-attenders (who remained six feet apart).

Now, however, since the fake news is shifting its position literally only over polls, rather than over the multiple deaths and serious devastation Americans are facing, the hypocrisy will be abundantly transparent to all but the most willfully blind.

Given that it is now near the end of August and the Democrats apparently still won’t agree on anything until mid-September, Lemon’s calls now, especially in light of his well-documented support of the riots in the past, are probably too little, too late.

The most egregious comment of all occurred in May, when Lemon waxed poetically about the rioters from the well-secured chambers of CNN. Back then, the riots were a “mechanism” to restructure the nation (apparently what CNN thought independent voters wanted to hear).

“We don’t know what’s happening in this country right now,” Lemon said. “Perhaps this is some sort of mechanism for a restructure in our country or some sort of change in our country for us to deal with whatever we need to deal with in this country as we look at pictures on the right of burning and pictures on the left of looting.” [Source: Breitbart]

If anything, his blatant admission of changing his position just a few months later, based entirely on public polls and focus groups, further illustrates that ratings, and ratings only, guides the “morals” of the left. That means that all its ethical practices are never constant and moral relativism knows no bounds.

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