“Lockdown” Governor Faces Major Threat In 2022

An African immigrant, Army veteran, and entrepreneur is poised to run as a Republican against the Democrat Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, in 2022.

On The Kyle Olson Show, 35-year-old Austin Chenge recalled how he moved to the United States after finishing college to reunite with his family, who had immigrated to the United States in 2008.

Chenge cites his love for the state of Michigan as a major reason for running, and he noted he “couldn’t just stand by and let everything just fall apart” without taking action.

Chenge describes himself as “deeply conservative”, as well as a staunch defendant of the First and Second Amendments.

He also added that values in the United States “are based on Judeo-Christian principles”, which no one “should be ashamed of.”

Chenge also notes that Whitmer’s decisions are based on politics, rather than people.

“She doesn’t care about the people of Michigan,” Chenge remarked, and he also observed that Whitmer tends to surround herself with yes-people, a “classic characteristic of a dictator.”

Regarding the checks and balances within the government system, Chenge also notes that Whitmer has declined to work with the state’s legislature in response to the COVID pandemic.

Chenge recalls meeting people “who have lose everything because the governor wakes up” one day and arbitrarily decides, “this is the order.” 

Consequently, “people are losing their livelihoods, they’re losing their savings, they’re losing everything,” Chenge informed The Kyle Olson Show. Chenge also added, “that is unAmerican.”

Chenge has already travelled to all 83 of the state’s counties and directly engaged with voters; he also called for others in power to demonstrate similar engagement.

“I’d go out there and meet people and talk to them … I’m not going to lock myself up in a mansion,” Chenge stated, noting it “[sends] the wrong message as a leader.”

Instead, a leader should “welcome people with open arms” without “[hiding] behind security check points,” Chenge added.

Chenge expresses faith that Americans will do what is right with information regarding COVID, and he advocates an open, rather than lockdown, strategy. 

Under Chenge’s leadership, businesses would remain open, but they will also remain “very responsible.” The alternative, locking down businesses, will achieve little more than massive unemployment and destroyed livelihoods.

Ultimately, Chenge delivers a message of hope: “I’m encouraging people not to give up.”

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