Mainstream Media Silences Obama, You Won’t Believe Why…

Recently, Barack Obama gave an interview to ABC News, wherein he detailed the “unsustainable” nature of “open borders.” However, the news network has recently edited Obama’s comments regarding open borders from the interview.

During his commentary, Obama remarked upon how “tough” immigration is, especially since “it has always been” a major challenge facing the nation.

In remarks that have since been deleted by ABC, Obama notes that the United States is filled with individuals who “naturally [comprise] a people that wants to help others,” especially when they become aware of the hardships and tragedies endured by migrants seeking a better life in the United States. These tragedies are especially difficult when they involve “cases [of] fleeing violence or catastrophe.”

On the other hand, however, Obama points out that the United States is a “nation state” that has “borders.” He excoriates “the idea” of open borders, noting that, “as a practical matter,” the practice of open borders is simply “unsustainable.”

ABC also deleted the portion of the interview regarding unsustainable open borders, an omission that was promptly noticed by Jacqui Heinrich at Fox News.

While ABC edited Obama’s comments on open borders, the network did share portions of the interview wherein Obama shredded Republicans for failing to pass comprehensive immigration reform. In addition, Obama also touted his own administration’s experience with Haitian immigrants, noting that several received temporary legal status in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake.

ABC also downplayed the interview itself, spending under a minute addressing the interview while focusing much more energy on the upcoming Obama Presidential Library, which is set to break ground in Chicago.

While the network included a full transcript of Obama’s comments in its online article, the remarks on unsustainable open borders do not appear until the 13th paragraph.

Obama’s remarks may have been edited due to the fact that they run in stark opposition to the Biden administration, which has claimed that the border is “closed” and secure. In addition, the Biden administration has also downplayed the severity of the border crisis.

However, the White House has endured extensive scrutiny in the past week, notably when an encampment filled with upwards of 17,000 Haitian migrants arrived at the border. Multiple thousands ended up being released throughout the nation, with court dates scheduled multiple months from the present time period.

Per recently released data from U.S. Border Patrol, border encounters have soared by more than 500 percent in 2021, including over 200,000 migrant encounters in August alone.